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Workout Isn’t Working?

Ever have an idea of what you need to do to achieve a healthy body? A lean one no doubt. So you have everything you need. The further you go down the road of bodybuilding the more you realize just how difficult it truly is. Even when thousands of people devote their lives to achieving this body, there are many that just fall short of their goals and goals. Why does this happen?

The 3 Common Causes Later We Are Not Getting Results!

If you hit this stage you are hit with 3 problems. Often, your workout is not working for you at all, OR maybe it is only working on a small level. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Here are the 3 most common causes:

Not Setting Goals Often times we make excuses or talk ourselves out of having to set a goal or go to an event. When this happens, you have 2 choices of what to do next. Boot camps, or quit. Or you can hit the gym right before or after your workout and hope that your muscles clear afterward. backward!

This is not the path to health we are looking for. Aches, pains, and stiffness are minor inconveniences in this path. Your health and wellness are not magical. It needs to be like walking in the forest and taking a hike. Either way, you need a goal and you need to be willing to be wet bald for 30 minutes a day. Set those thoughts to achieve a goal and break into the forest.

Not Setting Keys Consistencies

When you started your workout, your warm-up or cool-down activities were the first part of your routine. Set these first two up at the start of each workout session. Keep them up throughout your entire workout.

An easy way to do this is for your warm-up routine to include a mixture of 5 minutes of fast dancing, jumping jacks, or jumping rope, and then 15 seconds of rest. In no time at all, you will feel energized and ready to go. After your cool-down burst, you can ease into your next exercise routine with ease. Your muscles are now warmed up and flexible ready for your next challenge.

Test Your Will


This one is huge. Most people are afraid to taper or quit a workout. You must test your will. Will you continue to push yourself to continue to build your fitness? Will you allow yourself to quit or will you continue your quest to transform your body?

When you haven’t set your goals and you have started to fall off the wagon, you will be tempted to quit. The tiny sprints you have tried before to get back on track will not stand up to the challenge of a lifetime. It is time to set your goals right in your mind and make sure you can stick with these goals for the rest of your life. Your will is the one holding you accountable.

For these reasons and more, I have set a new goal for myself. I am committing to overhauling my physical fitness program within the next 24 hours. I have weekly goals, which I am transforming my physique for. I am giving myself a teeth-in-the-mouth workout. Whatever it takes, the 24 hours a week things you have been doing each week will go. The truth about fitness is that you WILL become fit. It IS the act of doing the right things that will keep you there.

Look at the goals you have set and ask yourself, does this match up with what you want to achieve?

Can you add these goals to your current ones?

Will these goals lead to success?

Keep in mind that fitness is a journey. It has no beginning and no end. creeps and advances, inch by inch, day by day. Whatever “era” you are in right now, remember you are a work in progress. A Home Boot Camp can be just a week away and already you are on your feet, mentally and physically prepared to conquer the next week!

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