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People who follow veganism often gravitate towards vegan beverages because they are devoid of any animal products. Dutch Bros, one of the most popular coffee chains in the world, has now created a few vegan-friendly drinks that will surely meet the needs of vegans and non-vegans alike.

Whether you’re looking for an energy drink, a cold brew coffee, or a vegan milkshake, Dutch Bros has got you covered. To read all about these drinks and find out which ones are vegan, keep reading!

What is veganism?

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Veganism is a growing trend, and for good reason. It’s not just good for your health, it’s also environmentally friendly. That’s why Dutch Bros is proud to offer vegan drinks that will help you stick to your plant-based diet. Whether you’re new to veganism or just want to switch things up, these drinks are perfect for you.

Try the vegan latte with almond milk and soy milk, the vegan chocolate milk, or the vegan vanilla latte. All of these drinks are dairy-free and soy-free, so they’re perfect for those vegan-curious customers.

Not to mention, they’re delicious! So whether you’re looking to try veganism for the first time or just want to switch up your diet, these drinks are the perfect way to get started.

Why is veganism becoming more popular?

Veganism is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. Some people choose veganism for ethical reasons, believing that animals should not be harmed for food. Others believe that veganism is healthier for the planet, as it reduces the amount of animal-based emissions released into the environment.

Dutch Bros has some great vegan drinks that will help you stay hydrated and energized all day long! From vegan smoothies and energy drinks to vegan omelets and vegan breakfast sandwiches, we have something for everyone. So whether you’re vegan or not, make sure to check out our vegan drinks!

Dutch Bros Non-Vegan Drinks

If you’re looking for vegan drinks at Dutch Bros, you’re out of luck. However, if you’re not vegan and still want to enjoy a cold drink, you can consider the non-vegan drinks options. These include dairy milk options like Dutch Chocolate Blend, soy milk, almond milk, and more.

If you are vegan, then you’ll have to avoid the products as they are not vegan-friendly. However, there are other vegan-friendly options like smoothies, frappes, and energy drinks. So, whether you’re vegan or not, Dutch Bros has something for you!

Which vegan beverages are available at Dutch Bros?

Vegan beverages are becoming increasingly popular, and Dutch Bros is one of the many places that offer them. You can enjoy vegan coffee drinks, vegan smoothies, vegan juices, and vegan teas.

In addition, they are considered vegan-friendly, so you can be sure that you’re getting a vegan beverage that is healthy and delicious. So, if you’re looking for vegan-friendly drinks, Dutch Bros is the perfect place to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any other restaurants offer similar vegan drinks and foods as Dutch Bros?


Yes, vegan drinks and foods are available at Dutch Bros locations across the United States. However, it depends on your location as some locations may have more vegan options than others. You can check out the vegan options available at your nearest Dutch Bros by searching online. More on dairy-free options at Dutch Bros.

What are some of the best vegan drinks available at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros has a variety of vegan drinks that are gluten-free and dairy-free. Some vegan drinks include pina colada, cold brew coffee, lemonade, and strawberry banana iced tea. All of these drinks come in both alcoholic and nonalcoholic versions. Additionally, you can get a cold brew coffee, lemonade, or fruity smoothie on tap at Dutch Bros.


Dutch Bros is the perfect place for vegan drinkers. Not only do they have a wide range of vegan drinks, but they also cater to all vegan dietary needs. If you’re looking for vegan drinks that will quench your thirst without harming any animals, Dutch Bros is the place to be! Make sure to check out their vegan drinks list and see for yourself!

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