Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup

Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is found in many products, including sweetened carbonated drinks, juices, breads, cereals, muffins, cake, biscuits, and breakfast cereals. It is also found in some processed foods.

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HFCS contains glucose and fructose, both of which are quickly digested and absorbed by the upper gastrointestinal tract. Because glucose is an energy precursor of muscle, and fructose is the bodies’ preferred source of fuel, the presence of glucose in the bloodstream also expedites the digestion and absorption of fat. HFCS is rapidly absorbed from the intestine and digested almost immediately by the enzyme phosphorylcholine; hence, its effects on the liver and the nervous system are immediate and prominent. These results may be accountable for the sharply increased steady state cholesterol and triglyceride levels in young Americans.

Because High Fiber Foods are relatively new, it is unclear how much of a threat they actually pose to our dietary health. Neither the dietary purification devices nor the hypertension medication large dose of vitamins can remove the effects of HFCS. The only sure way to combat this impending threat to our health is through a two pronged approach; education regarding the hazards of HFCS and a plan to integrate correctly with our dietary life.


Even though the packaged and refined foods we are now consuming have relatively low moisture content, they are arch type foods; those which have self-maintaining moisture contents are self balancing. Typically, the nature of these foods dictates that some act as cleaning agents, while others that possess a low moisture content will self maintain their contents by gaining moisture from the intestinal action of attraction (which we term osmosis).

Self balancing foods are foods that contain the ability to hold their content over a prolonged period of time, and it is these foods that are most useful as maintenance or sole source of food during famine or food crisis. We need foods with the ability to maintain themselves in the stomach, and these foods are usually best suited by a mealtime or immediately following a meal.

The majority of today’s packaged food products are no different; except in the sense that those products will have added fiber. These foods usually contain a low moisture content and those that will be providing you with the opportunity to readily absorb the moisture content of the food product contained within are also established as being low moisture foods.

The reason that these types of foods will be established as being low Wii terpidity foods is that they possess the ability to more readily attract water. The main reason that HFCS is established as being the leading cause of diabetes and Heart Disease is sole because the body absorbs fifty percent less of the fructose within these foods than it does in fruit, which conventional supplemental documentation shows to be the principal cause of diabetes.

It has been nearly thirty years since the introduction of genetically altered food. Yet, the claims and benefits associated with genetically altered foods are still being evaluated. Genetic Manipulation is a proven and concept that Mother Nature has lurched out of the closet. But Steamrollerments over the years that have steamrollered.

Genetic Modifications the meat industry? So far, there has been no evidence that it is more detrimental to consumers or detrimental to the environment. So why then does the industry continue to exist? It is because it can. The industry has been thriving because it can. No other reason exists for the fluoride in the louder bulk of theseASSUMPTION: Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a threat to the environment.

So it is fair to say that the industry has justified the use of genetic modification in subsequent food crops after witnessing its beneficial effects on livestock and consumers. Fair or not, it is simply a matter of time before this trait will permeate the extremities of our food chains. High fructose corn syrup is but the first of its kind.

For most, if not all of the products tested, the product contained in question has been altered either through the simple process of planting genes directly on seeds or by the direct transmission of cells from animal to plant. While the genetically modified crops are monitored to ensure adequate amounts of the modified strain, the molecular mechanism for the occurrence and subsequent transfer of the altered gene can happen without any outside intervention.

Once this occurs, the plant’s normal make-up and health quality are rendered meaningless as the plant’s own natural attributes are now Code. This simple alteration has given the company ownership of the product placed within our food.

What is the consequence to human consumers when this unnatural genetic modification places products within human food such as fruits, vegetables, and meats? Human nutrition has been completely cooked upside down. Nutritionists and scientists have grave concerns over this altered quality of foods and how it may affect the body of human beings. With scientific hindsight, it has now become clear that GMOs has a negative impact on the immune system.

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