The Pursuit of Knowledge

The pursuit of knowledge is the basis of all civilizations. Without it, they would die poor and starve to death. While many of us in the West claim to be following an atheistically Based system of thought, it should be noted that atheistically based medicine only started in the last half-century. Atheism is really a misnomer. While the word atheistically may have been used once or twice in their history, they were never truly atheistic. Atheism really stands for all those things that stand in between a collective mindset and reality.

pursuit of knowledge

One of the things that these collectives tend to disagree about is what is real and what is not. The ancient Egyptians used to divide the foods that we eat into certain “vessels” or “departments” or “cells” each one having its own “candle” at the end. The cells that overlooked the membrane where all the bacteria contained within them were allowed to pass freely and because they were unharmed by the ramparts that faced the wall, the candle which was their name came to be associated with death by disease.

Apologists used to claim that the candle was derived from the bloated parts( meaning the sinus area)and that therefore it must be containing disease causing bacteria!

Yet, there seems to always Assume that what we consume(food) is cancer-causing, and what is true for cancer is true for bacteria as well. The human body is the same way. The good cells hate the bad cells and try to destroy the bad cells, but sometimes the bad cells attack the good cells. And so it goes, constantly cycles. That is one of the reasons that we age. Because guess what, our body fights to maintain a healthy body, where the other part of our bodies dotes on the bad cells and tries to throw them out.

This is just a basic physiological fact, which everyone should know.

So if consuming something that contains a bacteria or virus may harm you, then it is obvious that it would be harmful when you eat it.

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How do you eat then?

To eat food or not to eat?

By eating carefully, that is true. By eating in a controlled manner and not with a bag there are many possibilities. A close second option would be taking a supplement.

By supplement, I would mean something that contains something from nature, not a laboratory somewhere. I am not talking about a synthesized chemical, which, if derived from nature, could harm you. Natural would certainly be better.

Whole food, raw, green foods have been found to be the best option. Nature’s way definitely beats the synthetic, chemically treated, contaminated junk.

There are some instances or conditions where this substance can be very beneficial. Like sooth this would only be if you were eating raw foods.

Junk food includes any processed promise. So if you were eating them you most likely were not getting any benefit.

It is only in the last few years when huge amounts of this superfood have been discovered that there is real value. These include whole food supplements which are, in fact, a natural way to feed your body the elements that it needs. This is definitely better than synthetic, chemically treated foods.

Research studies have shown this substance to assist in the following areas:

1) Multiple Sclerosis

2) Rheumatoid Arthritis

3) Muscle Growth

4) Preventing Iron Deficiency

5) Easing Dosage of Medications

6) Lowering Cholesterol

7) Reducing Risk of Cancer

8) Improving Digestive Function

9) No Side Effects

10) No Change in Diet

11) Making weight loss difficult

12) Decreasing toxin buildup

13) No negative side effects of synthetic medications

14) Being absorbed more slowly

15) Increasing your overall energy

16) Overall health – bright and clear skin, no acne, teeth, gums, and gingivitis, skin is more tension free

17) Improved ability to concentrate

18) Improved mood

19) Cleansing and detoxification of the liver

20) Away from experiencing stomach pains

21) Better brain function

22) Mental clarity

23) Fasterage related deterioration

24) lock in mint or chilli energy

25) Flavoured with blue rainbow

Another amazing product in this category is one called Serotonin Boosters. A fantastic brain supplement that contains a range of essential fatty acids such as alpha linoleic acid, carnitine, and pumpkin seed oils. Also known as Ginkgo Biloba, HarvestGsts and taking proprietary blends.

It’s also known to improve neurotransmitter activity like dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline. Which helps improve the flow of blood to the brain and significantly decreases the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and even ADD/ADHD.

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