The Fear of Catching a Cold

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to avoid catching a cold or flu. With so many of us getting caught out in the cold nearly every night it’s not surprising to think that we’re going to be sick at least a few times throughout the course of the year. So what’s the real truth about catching a cold? Is it even possible to avoid getting sick?

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Cold and Flu

The truth is that catching a cold or flu is literally impossible. You basically have to prepare for it. That means taking time to get ready. Make sure you wash your hands before you touch any part of your body. Don’t touch your face, your nose or ears, (yes, even your genitals!) Also, try to wear a scarf or earmuffs on those areas.

Try to avoid crowds when possible. Stay in your home or put up a barrier between you and the public to protect from germs. Do not drink in public places. It is tasteless, to say the least, and extremely dangerous. Do not brush your teeth with your hands. Use disposable cups with lids on them when you are going to be in public. Wash the bottom of your toothbrush with soap and water before you use it. When you return to collect your toothbrush you will usually get a second toothbrush, use this to help get germs out of your mouth.


Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids is vital to staying healthy. It is impossible to stay hydrated all day and you’ll notice that you don’t get sick as often. Staying hydrated means not buying sodas, coffee, or beer and instead of drinking plenty of liquids, kitchen soap, baking soda, mixed together in a small bottle. It is sometimes the pits but you’ll have to be drastic to get sick.


This means not eating until you’ve properly prepared it. Make sure you eat on a piece of bread so that the germs on the bread have a chance to be absorbed into your gut. Try to eat on healthier bread so you’re less likely to put on weight. Carry tea or fruits as your snack as well. Eating on this type of balanced diet will increase your slimming speed. It will take the edge off your hunger and you will feel full so you will not be tempted to overeat.

Practice Good Hygiene

This will begin a few days before your flu or cold so that you can build up your system to fight it off. Having new and clean clothing will give you a leg up in the event you do get sick. Clean your phone, wipe down countertops with disinfectant and towels in the shower and wash your hands. These few moments that you’re able to spend indoors in the comfort of your home are precious.

Know If You’re Healthy

Taking the time to properly check your body has its benefits. Doing a quick health check every now and then will let you know whether or not you may be dealing with an illness. Changing your clothes may not always be enough, but it’s an easy way to step foot in that world. This is particularly important if you deal with a chronic illness.

Getting sick is inconvenient. It’s painful, and your loved ones will be frustrated with you. However, taking a few extra precautions will help you care for yourself and your loved ones. Learning to eat well, exercise the right way, and take time to rest and rest properly can keep you a little bit healthier.

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