The Benefits of Vegetables

Given the depletion of minerals in the soil, we should be eating more vegetables and fresh fruits, exercising more, and getting more minerals through natural sources, rather than eating those cooked or baked foods that have very low nutritional values and are high in calories.

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Why organic? Why not? The advantages are many.

Here they are:

Not processed – organic food is grown or produced according to its organic farming method and does not involve the unnatural practices of crop rotation, which is typical of farm corn and other crops, worming and hoeing, which deplete nutrients in the soil.

There is no risk of BPA – BPA is a by-product of the production of plastic objects. It is known to disrupt the endocrine system and has been linked to several health problems.

Fluids – When we drink out of plastic bottles, the amount of pure water that we’re getting is much lower than we need. Pure water is essential to our internal system.

A healthy diet – You can get all the vitamins and minerals you need, as well as all the antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and other nutrients, protein, fiber, etc, you need for a healthy body, without spending all the time at the supermarket.

A portion of our public water supply is tapped into by public and municipal water utilities that are largely to blame for the degradation of our environment.

The chemicals that leach from plastic are known to be carcinogenic.

A legally narcotic illegal border-crossing alien is now absorbing our human toxic chemicals through the soil and learning that it is not easy to destroy these deposits.

There has been an allotment of man-made chemicals through history to control or alter the environment. These endeavors have been Sad, unsuccessful in the past.

In suggestible ways, we can help restore the natural balance of the ecosystem, restore our planet back to the brink of the possibility of grassroots recreating themselves. What we need to do is return to the correct aerobic exercise, reducing the source of pollution.

So why would we want to do this? It is really pretty simple. The rate of global population increase is between 60 to 70 percent each year. We need to think of ways to secure our own genetic integrity. The organisms that provide us with food and shelter have their own genetic engineering.


They realize our bodies are their own after all. Our bodies are meant to consume living organisms derived from organisms living at their time. The genes that we inherited from our parents to form us become the potential of what we can produce – a potential that sometimes proves to be unbalanced. This means that 60 to 70 percent of our new human population is yet to be formed.

For those of us who succumb to the lure of these new meat and dairy products, we will in the majority of cases add to the great burden of the planet. The atmosphere is gradually being purified by human progress.

Unfortunately, the foods that we tend to favor in our modern life often starve the development of our bodies.

To give you an idea of an example, young people have a greater urge to turn to chocolate and candy as a source of fun and adventure. For teenagers, this could mean making bad food choices such as soda or selling their health and nutrition through engaging in various questionable practices such as irregular meal times and replacing the more nutritious meals with snacks and satiety-building processed foods.

But how can teens engage in an activity that promotes health and longevity?

• Plan your outdoor activities

• Plan your barbecue

• Watch your step – folks like to be around other people and learn from them as well

• Not only engage in positive activities but also practice activities that teach you how to be responsible people.

• While you engage in the more ‘textile’ activities such as lawn mowing, yard work, cooking, shopping, and swimming, engage in activities that will teach you how to live in the present and prevent decay and rot on your body.

• Create a diverse assortment of activities, that will always create an array of stimulation.

The key is to do each activity in moderation. If you try to squeeze everything in, you will end up regretting it later. Learn to enjoy the activities that you engage in, and you will not have to be anxious if you must turn to food for excitement. While it is important to engage in fun activities, it is also important to maintain your health and fitness in order for you to live a long and healthy life.

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