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Life is full of stressful events

When you encounter a threatening situation, your body reacts with a stress response that helps you avoid or make it through the situation. It can be helpful to understand how the stress response works and to be able to manage it effectively. This ability is referred to as the “fight or flight” response.

As mentioned above, the stress response is an important part of how your body reacts to help you handle stressful situations. It is completely normal for everyone to have stress responses at times. When you are injured, the stress response helps sustain the injured area. If you are fearful, the stress response helps you react quickly and efficiently to the threat.

Unfortunately, you have to endure a lot of stress as a part of modern-day life. You have to deal with financial trouble, family problems, work problems, or other everyday stress that you must overcome. The good news is that your body has mechanisms that help you deal with this stress.

The Major Stress reflexes


The stress response system:

Your peripheral nerves, spinal muscles, and vital organs react first to the stress signal and Then the terms respond.

The Reflex Chain A part of the circuit that deals with impacting the body’s thermostat. This includes:

gastro intestines – respiratory mouth digestive nose nasal pharynx

Awareness – keeping aware of what is happening to you is very important. Being in the right body structure will help you respond to stress in the right way – helping you handle life with a large dose of calm confidence.

Prepare – being ready for anything can reduce the impact of the stress response. Being ready for anything means that you to hand out the stress to others in your waking hours.

Respiratory -You can increase your survival ratio by going blue and turning your nose to the world around you. The stress response will be less stressful if you give your body plenty of rest and if you are sleeping enough hours.

Digestive – As you may already know, your intestines are the seat of digestion. Now that you have had enough sleep and have an empty stomach, digesting food will be faster and more effective.

Pharynx – As you may have heard, your pharynx is your throat. That is the area that you use to swallow food. In addition, food contains a lot of mucous that can reduce the risk of getting a throat infection.

Your hollow colon – This is the final part of your circulatory system. This is where your ingested food travels before it enters your body. Mucous in your mouth will help prevent this from happening.

A few other things to think about if this is something new to you

Feces often have a foul smell. This article discusses this topic in-depth as well as providing some interesting information about why it sometimes happens and some simple techniques to lessen this abundance.

The majority of the food that we eat is completely absorbed by the stomach before it moves into our intestines. If we were to take all that food, if we were to sit on our rear end and not move for a while, the fecal matter would not have a chance to break down and be absorbed by the intestines.

This is why it is not normal to be able to just empty your bowels and not have feces come out the other end. It is actually very normal for feces to stay in the bowel for up to 2 days. Anything within the bowel that isn’t moving or is in transit can not last long. You can request for a colon detox to be conducted by a licensed medical doctor of colon detox.

Two of the reasons fecal matter may stay within the bowel for so long is because of the types of foods we eat as well as the amounts of fiber we consume. Since feces sit for such long periods of time, especially foods that are digested with a liquid, the fecal matter is not completely absorbed by the intestinal tract.

Many people have asked “How do I get rid of constipation?” since finding that it is a stubborn problem even after many lifestyle changes and achieving a feeling of complete relief. It is actually completely a physical disorder known as Constipation Acute Lifestyle. It can be treated easily when the proper physical frame is used.

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