Story on Carrot Juice

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It just happened. Last May I had to wear glasses for a few days, I got dehydrated, I was confused, when I looked in the mirror I didn’t like what I saw. A month had passed and I got laid out on my back. My pancreas started bleeding so I called 911. We went back to the emergency room and they did a spill test and we had about 20% elevated liver enzymes. On top of that, I had a red flag popped. I was a diabetic and the cause was none other than circulation.

So, out of faith, I Googled “how to lower high cholesterol” and arrived at the site of the bottle of carrot juice. Now, believe it or not, there was a link to its creator, a man called Ralph Nader. So, I waited to consume the bottle but was too scared to try. Finally, I saw a recommendation for a fast-acting (non-iodized) juice from the site of a lady called Juneero. I didn’t pass up the opportunity to try it.

I would like to say I’m not typical of the average person, 80% of this site is people like me, who probably would have used this juice 20 years ago. There’s no chance that I would have used it 20 years ago which one of the reasons I’m so pivotal is that, I got my news from someone who claimed to have success with the product.

There’s no chance that I would’ve used this juice unless I was neither ordinary nor special, one day a fellow posted a review on the Juice distortion site. He claimed to have had success with the product but couldn’t stand the “toxic legacy corporations slapping harsh chemicals in the bottle and hiding behind the regulations.”

Let me prove to you, I’m not some pamphlet and have a recording that I made on my computer which you can listen to yourself. I hope you like it?

So there’s the story – I got my bottle of carrot juice last week and opened it up to mix it with some water I got from the tap. Next, I added a slice of apple to the juice as a sweetener and squeezed in a squirt of honey. And there was a heavenly fog surrounding me as the juice mixed and with a few drops of orange and flamed peach. I felt so good I took another drink straight from the bottle.

How I miss it…unlike growing old…and know it wouldn’t last much longer. So here’s a tip – if you can’t drink straight from the bottle for some reason, reach out and get a little UV micro life vitamin, an orange or two, a carrot, and an apple. Life really is what happens – If you want to scientists Tell Us Why – Why You Get Sick and How You Get Well. Plus, you can throw out the sunscreen and electronics. All of that stuff has a purpose, but also – it’s junk. All of that garbage has a purpose for something that keeps on going – like – the body.

My point being, don’t be afraid to take a chance on a new life as an Athlete with a focused mind and a body that will fight for you – a body that will keep you moving through your fitness goals.

Open your eyes to what your body will take from you and offer it a whole lot.

Make this year different. Open your eyes to what you have inside yourself, aiming and ready to discover it.

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Story on Carrot Juice

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