Red E-Wheels Travel Scooter

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This great e-wheels travel mobility scooter is an excellent option for those looking for comfort, compatibility, durability, and simplicity. This awesome-looking e-wheels red shooter has many great options to keep you admiring its many features all day.


  • Fully Battery-Powered: This fiery red electric battery-powered scooter can reach up to 4.5 miles per hour with an operating range of up to 10 miles; the 24-volt 12AH battery charges on or off the scooter. That’s the power you cannot beat any day.
  • This specially-built scooter is uniquely designed for ease of travel: 4-step disassembly takes just seconds, resulting in 5 pieces that are easily stored in your vehicle trunk; Treaded tires easily handle rugged terrain.
  • Safety first: Non-slip deck and adjustable-height seat/armrests provide safety and comfort; Bright front headlights and rear hazard lights offer safety and visibility


The e-wheel adjustable scooter is versatile and very durable. This product is lightweight, portable, and very easy to handle. This easy-to-use scooter also boasts a detachable basket that helps transport essential items and valuables safely and securely.


1 review for Red E-Wheels Travel Scooter

  1. Jessica Palmer

    **Verified Purchase**
    Have only had this a short time, BUT…
    We easily took it apart and put it in the rear of the car, easily put it back together at the zoo, and took off! Having this allowed me to enjoy an outing for the first time in years. I cannot walk any real distance (Emphysema), so it was extremely helpful to us both. If I can figure out how to get it on an airplane, off to Vegas we go!

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