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    Full-Body Transfer Lifter with Padded Seat


    Product Description

    When moving seniors from one place to the other, consider this special, sturdy steel transport wheelchair. This accessible and very durable product is quite portable, has a great deal of patient life, and is versatile and multifunctional.

    This product is vastly ideal for the elderly, the disabled, and those who are just recovering from injuries of any kind. This complete body patient transfer lifter with a padded seat makes it an excellent option for use at home and in the hospital – The maximum load this product can handle is 220 lbs.



    • This full-body transfer lifter with a padded seat has a great bottom width adjustment is 24.5~33.5 inches; the bottom length is 31.5 inches; the height adjustment is 30~46.5 inches; the seat height from the ground: is 6~33.5 inches; the cushion size is 17.8 x 15.8 inches; the maximum load 220lbs. This type of lift is suitable for people who can sit up in the upper body and have strength in their arms.
    • This great product also does help people solve life problems of mobility, and provides a great option for convenience and using the bathrooms. This padded product can solve the uncomfortable elderly and disabled, from wheelchairs to sofas, beds, bathrooms, seats, and other areas in the community.