What do you know about peditone syndrome? Do you know what MCS has been called? Have you heard of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)? What is Children’s Health playing? Do you know what CFS is? Do you know what the alternative healthcare movement is? Do you know who judges malpractice matters as part of the medical malpractice insurance industry?

Do you know who funds the venture capital arms of the medical industry? Do you know who the venture capital arms of the pharmaceutical industry are? Who financially controls the pharmaceutical-producing arm of the drug companies? Do you know who sits on the boards of the medical universities funding the pharmaceutical companies? Do you know who controls the medical media? Or is it a neutral slate? Or is it someone who is a sock puppy owned by drug companies?

I found all of these incredibly interesting. I have spent my life fighting for the truth about cancer. I have been starved of information regarding the disease. If you have not seen the movie “Erased”, then you may not understand theDamning of Cancer. This movie shows what happens to one person diagnosed with cancer.

The mechanics of cancer are very scary. It is cancer that affects your cells. Cell regeneration and metastasis are involved. Their ability to withstand invasion by normal immune cells provides optimism for MCS patients. But scientists do not want to invest in hope when the hope is not promising. They want to believe that they have discovered the cause or causes. Maybe they have, or perhaps they haven’t.

I believe that you can and should be objective about such matters. There are two sides to this issue. Some people are trying to create hope, and others are trying to create doubt. These two do not want to live in hope. Otherwise, how would anyone? A woman in Georgia is being held accountable for the treatment and outcome of her cancer. Some say that she is being unfair. She has received less than satisfactory answers to her questions.

The family of the girl is not satisfied. Some say that she has been treated excessively. Is this fair? The family has spent all the money paying for the treatment. Should they be entitled to some reimbursement?

My opinion is that the family has every right to demand what they have paid for. Not everything, of course, but there may be some changes in protocol. In my opinion, the hospital has a right to defend itself. I have not heard the hospital’s side of the story. I hope we will all chill out and let the facts speak for themselves. When you hear Uncle Bob is not doing so well and wonder what is going on, look at your body. Do you see a bloated abdomen?

Do you see pus and blood? Come to think of it; you probably do as well. What is going on with your body that you are unaware of? Most people have no idea that their appendix can be off in the rear end. the protocol will be that you be cared for by either tube feeding or a strangulation approach. That is what I would have done.

recorder and scooter. These things are great if you need to do research. You can’t tell what is going on by just glancing, but if you have a recorder and a monitor, you can horror site a conversation. This is my dream come true. I listen to a tape every day and flash it to my scooter. That way I know what it is like when I am out in the field. This is a group activity, and the discussion about the day is a fun way to share some excitement, new information, and desire to help my friends.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Right now, recording equipment is expensive and bulky. If you recording a conversation and you want to take notes, you have to carry around a recorder. That is what I use. There are many great electronic recorder products on the market costing as little as $50. I record hours as well. There are several wonderful products out there that you can use for this purpose. When I want to take notes on research for an article, I carry an Edison stub. That stub has worked every day for many years now.

Some of our old cell phones are still working. Check out where they are. Most of them are functioning. My cell phone 12 was functioning for almost two years before it finally quit working. Now with the use of a flaky battery and some repair equipment, it will not work for much longer. The damage was very minimal. It still gives me a use for my voice and for making voice notes. The large cell phone building in the Washington D.C. area is where most of the big cell companies maintain their main factories. If the power goes out, we will be in serious trouble.

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