What is the difference between jogging on a treadmill and running outside?

It’s a popular topic, and despite differing viewpoints, scientific study has proven that if you make a few easy tweaks, jogging on the treadmill is nearly equivalent to running outside.

In fact, there are some workouts that are better done on a treadmill than outside.

However, there are several drawbacks to jogging on a treadmill, and for some runners, a mile on the “hamster wheel” feels like 10 miles outside.

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So many marathon runners today are making the switch to using an elliptical and treadmill. I feel the marathon is a great way to get in shape for summer and get in shape for fall and winter as well. Elliptical machines are more expensive, but most well-conditioned runners agree that they are worth the cost.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. They monitor your distance. This means your heart rate and calories burned will be monitored as well.
  2. The calorie counter on the elliptical will tell you how many calories you are burning.
  3. The continuous vibration technology will strengthen your lower back, core, and abdominals.
  4. races will become more difficult. Because you will be going at a faster pace, every stride will count.
  5. The gratification of knowing that you can run any marathon is thrilling.
  6. The race course will become more difficult.
  7. Bard wears compression ears. With a built in monitor, Listen to your inner self. When the race comes too fast, slow down. The thought process “less instead of les”. This gives you the edge.
  8. Stop every three blocks to ease the stress of running.
  9. Exercises require a minimum of an hour. racing only requires a three-minute burst.
  10. You have to be in great shape! This means your calves, ankles, and feet must be strong enough to handle the stress of 150 distance strokes.

Now that you should be highly motivated to run, we need to find the best training…


Before you join your first race, meet with your family health physician. discuss beginning a training program. PHYSIC Conditions is the best tool for beginning a training program. This will be done before, during, and after race day. If you have any doubts or concerns about whether or not to start a training program be sure to discuss them with your family doctor.

Racing will be your introduction to jogging and will be the foundation that you begin a relationship with jogging. You’ll meet with your race coach, and discuss what you want to achieve. Knowing what you’re capable of, and what your limits are will help determine if you’ll be able to push yourself. communicate your goals with your coach and test your limits.

Lastly, race day comes with a newfound inspiration and thirst for competition. Regardless of what your limits are, you’ll push yourself to the absolute limit of your endurance. on race day you tell yourself that you’re going to run this distance, or that you’re going to blah blah blah.

You’ll have to push yourself to these limits several times throughout the race, but once you cross the finish line – well done, and on your way to a great performance!

Now the secret to not making it on the course is having your limits pushed. You’re race day will be different every time, and no two will be alike. I always encourage my runners to have a little of what you’re capable of, and once that limit is reached – that’s when we have a grasp on the intensity of our workouts.

These are just a few of the ways to apply your race distance training to your daily life. Apply the concepts, and the results will be worth it.

Did you try some of these? I bet you can come up with more.

Are you ready to test the effectiveness of your race distance cardio?

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