Maybe you need this list of vegan snacks! Snacks are truly a lifesaver; they can get you through a hectic work week, a cram session in a dimly lit library basement, and even the kind of massive breakup that finds you ugly-crying in the same sad cellar, looking for something to munch away your sorrows. In this blog we also have article about how to increase height naturally.

To our delight, several companies have been manufacturing unintentionally vegan snacks for years, and we’ve assembled a list of some of our favorite go-to goodies that can be found almost anyplace.

This list will come in handy the next time you’re on a road trip in the middle of nowhere, need something to eat at the movies, or need to get through a tough period and need some sweet or salty nourishment.

There are a plethora of chaat options, and none of them are healthy. But who cares when the meal is some of the best you’ll ever have? Chaat is almost entirely vegetarian, and much of it is vegan. Yogurt is used to cool down the spices in many chaat recipes, hence this is the main dairy product vegans should avoid.

In total, as of 2016, the largest share of vegan consumers globally currently reside in Asia Pacific with nine percent of people following a vegan diet.

Vegan according to Wikipedia

List of Vegan Snacks: Oreo cookies

How could we not begin this scrumptious list with the most iconic cookies that have ever existed?

The perfect stackable snack can be bought at your local grocery store; just make sure to get the vegan-friendly Original flavor (barbecue is vegan in some areas; check the ingredients for milk!).

List of Vegan Snacks: Ritz Crackers

These buttery, flexible crackers contain no butter and are produced with vegetable oils, so pair them with vegan cheese, peanut butter, or salsa. Wondering why losing fat may not be such a good thing after all? We have the answer in this blog.

List of Vegan Snacks: Sour Patch Kids

With this chewy, soft, and gelatin-free candy, we’re ready to satisfy our sweet need. What’s better? Watermelon with a sour taste is also vegan.

List of Vegan Snacks: Nabisco Triscuit Crackers Baked Whole Grain Wheat

We’re seeing a trend: vegan crackers, vegan crackers, vegan crackers! For a little yet titillating treat, we’re delving into Fire Roasted Tomato and Rosemary & Olive Oil Triscuits with hummus and a glass of red wine.

List of Vegan Snacks: Snyder’s of Hanover Jalapeño Pretzel Pieces

Anything with jalapeo flavor will have us excited, but jalapeo-flavored pretzels? This is the next level. Snyder’s Oat Bran Pretzel Sticks and Snyder’s Pumpernickel & Onion Pretzel Sticks are likewise vegan-friendly.

List of Vegan Snacks: Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish are ideal for vegans because they contain no gelatin. While most Swedish Fish bags include vegan carnauba wax, some (typically purchased at petrol stations) contain beeswax, so read the label carefully.

List of Vegan Snacks: Skittles

While some limited-edition Skittles flavors are not vegan, the Original, Wild Berry, Skittles Sours, and Skittles Tropical flavors are made entirely of plant-based components.

List of Vegan Snacks: Jolly Rancher Hard Candy

These Jolly Rancher Hard Candies are both sweet and sour and are completely vegan. Pick up a bag at your local supermarket and enjoy these comforting flavors.

List of Vegan Snacks: Twizzlers

Vegan version of a classic movie theater snack! Grab a bag of Twizzlers, switch on Netflix, and relax in your own personal theater.

List of Vegan Snacks: Super Pretzel Original Soft Pretzels

These frozen delicacies are the perfect lunchtime snack because they include no eggs or dairy. Simply bake one for three minutes and you’re ready to go! To add a little additional taste, top your Super Pretzel Original Soft Pretzel with vegan cheese or cinnamon & sugar.

Snack Away!

Vegans, as you can see, have a plethora of snack options. You’ll find snacks that are really convenient, healthy nibbles, and a variety of sinfully delicious indulgences. If you’re transitioning to a vegan diet, one of the easiest ways to accelerate your success is to try a few new snacks per week.

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