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Cutting Costs By Cutting Treatments

When we think of the cost of health care, we usually think of how it affects our broken health care system. When we think of the cost of health care, many of us feel that it is coming out of our paychecks. It is coming out of our pockets and our health care premiums. We feel that no matter how much we pay for health care, we still can’t get the health care we need. And we feel that the more we ask for health care, the more we get not even care.

However, the frightening thing is that most of the health care cuts in this country are funded by our taxes. Billing and shifting costs to where they were once before shifting them to this unstable insurance policy, our taxes will go up. The cuts in health care are already happening with Medicaid. As a result, more people will lose their health insurance. If is right, these cuts are only going to make the whole problem worse.

The only way to really make sure that we have the health care we need to be healthy is by having a healthy style of eating. This type of fasting can help with cleansing our bodies of toxins, helping people lose weight, and also will help with malnutrition detection.

So if you’re trying to lose some weight or stay healthy, I would suggest you start off with some of the greatest foods that are on the market today. Because our body will move towards degeneration without the right nutrients, you need to add in healthy foods slowly in the form of green smoothies to keep your body healthy, and add in whole grains and some meat around every dinner.

Most doctors today would warn you not to fast when they try to take care of you, but our bodies are very good at a reflexive fast. When your body is in fasting mode, you may get sick. Many of the raw foods, fruits, and vegetables aren’t very good for you when your body is in a state of rest, but when your body is fasting, you are helping your body cleanse itself.

When your body is in fasting mode, your body is burning a lot of calories every day, but when your body is being hundred percent cleanse and toxic-free, your body is burning even more calories. When your body is being triple strengthened by green foods, your body will be much more resistant to colds, infections, and any other upper respiratory ailments you may have.

Cutting Costs

When you’re in a state of rest, it’s important that you rest with no caffeine, carbonated beverages, or alcohol in a fasted state. Try to do some type of stretching, meditation, deep breathing or aromatherapy to help you completely relax. Stretching will make your body feel more new and newborn.

When our body is in cleansing mode and our digestive system is cleaned out, our bodies are ready to be triggered into a state of heightened awareness. Some people think that when they are stressed, they feel the urge to take a few more deep breaths. So when we feel the need to take a deep breath, what should we do? That is the question that the mind piece tries to answer for all of us.

The triple-insulated heart is the beginning of the whole body’s optional imbalances. This piece will eventually breakdown down and become a biological malfunction. Once our minds are free of restrictions, our emotions follow suit. In fact, our emotions often play a strong leading role in our minds and even in our lives.

We all have experienced that intense feeling of happiness when the universe is opening up doors of opportunity. But what happens when we are stuck? What happens when negative emotions interfere with our natural operation of the body’s systems? Ishma, cancer, hypertension, and many other diseases are now widely recognized as biological consequences of negative emotions.

When the body is stuck, our emotions have a way of interfering even in the simplest of functions. Removing ‘Dead Speech’ from our lives will remove a great deal of dead time from our lives. In my next article, I’ll explain the ways to bring our minds into harmony with our bodies in order to reduce stress and create health and happiness. ‘ Dead Speech’ is free; you may use it however and wherever you like. Let’s take time to examine it.

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