Gout Attack

Gout attack are among the most painful, intense, and acute forms of arthritis. The condition is caused by the build-up of uric acid crystals in joints throughout the body, which leads to sudden and sometimes the uncontrollable onset of inflammation. Flight for people who have experienced a gout attack is often toward the end of a long day of multitasking and meeting deadlines. flight attendants should be aware of these attacks and plan for them accordingly.

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During Flight

Many people who know they are coming late for a flight arrive at the gate and then suddenly, after hours of waiting, the attack begins. The onset can be caused by several factors.

The easiest to start the attack is after you arrive at the airport. That is because after you pass through security, go through the walk-in area, and wait in the holding area until your turn comes up.o Sometimes you can start the attack after you get into the airport, depending on how quickly you progress through the boarding area.

If you need to get to a restroom on the plane, you’ll need to get there before your turn comes up. You can also get into a quick attack after boarding the plane, depending on how long you plan on sitting.o You can also start attacks while you are waiting at the airport if you push your way into the nearest stall to use the urinal. This is the easiest way to “space out” while you wait for your turn.

After Flight

When you get back to your home, the frequency of attacks may be different on different days.o A frequency that is common for fliers is once every 2 to 6 weeks.o But if you only get one or two attacks per week, you can treat them with the same home remedies as before, except maybe take some anti-inflammatory medicine.

This will help you avoid having pain related to the attack and ease related discomfort.o If you do not fly, or do not travel every week, you may get one attack per week or so.o But if you travel 2-3 times per week, you should space them out, being sure to get up and down when needed. This helps to prevent losing energy due to excessive strain.o If you know you are going on a vacation or business trip and you can not because you are sick, then you can try taking a day or two off from work to rest.

Just as long as you are not on your feet 24/7, you will be fine.o flying actually adds to the frequency of attacks since the pressure changes with the air densityoes Increase your calcium intake, as it is the best quality calcium. Drinking a low-fat dairy product or soy milk will help replace the loss. Be sure to use the calcium that has not been heated or fermented.o Avoid antacids containing calcium – most are poorly absorbed and antacids can cause stomach upset.o An obvious remedy for gout is to cut down on the amount of meat you eat.


If you suspect you have gout, then you should consult a doctor. But if you are not sure, then one of the simplest routes is to change your overall diet. Make sure you include a more colloidal-based diet and reduce the amount of red meat, starches, and starches. Vegetables and fruits are a good choice. Introduce more fresh vegetables into your daily diet, replacing them with frozen ones when possible. Some fruits are better left untouched or consumed imply pron or reduced innovative content. Cut down on the amount of wine you drink. Reduce the amount of cheese you eat.


Exercise is important for gout patients. Exercise increases your circulation, helping to rid your body of the crystals that form. Be sure to warm up properly before a workout. For example, if you run, walk on the spot, jump rope, or do anything that increases your heart rate, increases your oxygen supply, and cools down gradually. Be sure to cool down below the heart’s heart rate.

This helps to prevent blood and your muscles from getting too hot. Proper technique and muscle protection are always the keys to proper technique exercises such as weight lifting, aerobics, and conditioning. The more you use weights, the better. Apples are a good source of carbs and can use as a healthy snack. Avoid bananas, selves, or other super fruit, which contain acids that can bring about your pain. Blending or eating vegetables with your protein such as tuna and salmon is also a good idea.


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