Whats is Bedwetting ?

Bedwetting can be caused by things other than illness. Bedwetting can occur up to 5 – 7 years at this age, your child may still be developing nighttime bladder control. Bedwetting is a common and natural thing to happen to children. moreover, bedwetting also happens accidentally during her sleep.

Bedwetting is also termed “Nocturnal Enuresis”. Bedwetting is present commonly among kids and this can be as a result of a lot of factors. Within the same family, kids may also have this problem. Parents and caretakers have a lot of reasons to worry about bedwetting their kid; some of these are:

• Smoking During Pregnancy: This is the primary reason for bedwetting, as smoking enhances the hormones and makes women have symptoms such as increased bladder control, feeling of fullness, and frequency.

• Bladder Infection: If there is a bladder infection, bedwetting will happen as a result.

• Cancer: While bladder cancer is among the common reasons for it, there’s nothing to worry about if you have this disease. The primary symptom is bedwetting.

• Weak Bladder Control: It’s a common problem to have weak bladder control. This can happen as a result of the medications you’re taking.

• Stress: It’s also a fact that when you’re under stress, your bladder gets weak. So when you’re always feeling stressed, you’re more likely to have bedwetting as a result.

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In addition to these, there are also plenty of other causes of it. However, you can surely lessen such occurrence by maintaining your kid’s healthy growth by eating right, getting enough sleep as much as possible, and most importantly, keeping in mind to bathe the kid at least once every night.

Moreover, there are some proven natural remedies to treat bedwetting. Some of these remedies are given below:


• Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera extract can be applied to the wet mattress or used in the form of a topical ointment for kids. It does a great job in reducing the discomfort and brings down the overall discomfort of having to urinate so frequently.

• Cucumber: A piece of cucumber loaded with juice works wonders in reducing the discomfort of bedwetting in children. Drying the juice of cucumber before application to the child’s diaper is very important.

• Drink Water: Most of the children who wet their beds at night are very thirsty and lack water content in their bodies. They urinate every now and then and would need to get enough water to avoid feeling weak or nauseated. Although it may sound obvious, you should keep your kid’s water intake consistent at all times.

• Cleaning cloths: Cleaning cloths soaked in a strong solution of warm water and white vinegar helps in reducing the frequency of bedwetting in children. It should be done in regular intervals.

• Salt: Sodium chloride is a chemical compound that is normally used as a detergent. But it would be better to use sodium chloride that has natural goodness in it, instead of the ordinary salt. This chemical also helps in preserving the integrity of endangered cells lining the urinary tract.

• Vitamin E: Vitamin E taken in the form of pills or tablets can greatly help in motivating the brain to tell the body that he has to produce enough sweat to maintain his body’s well-being.

Find the Most Effective Method For Treating Bedwetting

You can surely find a method that suits your family’s needs and requirements in a way that will be effective in keeping your kid happy and symptom-free. Consult your doctor if you’re still worried about your child’s condition.

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