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If you want to know how to get taller, then get taller with determination. Good stretches and a well-built lower back are major factors that help in height increase and growth. There are several methods that you can use from the comforts of your home. You should also focus on regular exercise. Doing regular exercises enhances the strength of your muscles and aids in growing taller.

The key to success in getting taller is focus and resolve. You will accomplish nothing with just a good diet and exercise. Many people stop trying to grow taller after a while, but those who stay consistent almost always succeed.

Doing stretches that focus on lengthening the spine’s tissue and streets the spinal cord is also a very good way to increase height. There are several hundred stretches that you can perform every day. It is important that you do them regularly. Stretching will not increase height overnight, but it will give you another inch or two in a short period of time.

Your lower back is arched, so you should feel that your body is buckled up. Now you must bend over and place your hands at your side. Make sure you reach for the lower spine in the natural position. Next, bring your legs to your chest. Make your self resume straight position. Make sure you do not bend your knees. With your lower back in the position, you must now lift up your upper body and bring it back to the position when you began. Do a series of Low Bend forward and back positions.

This exercise will stretch the lower back and trigger the proper flow of growth hormones. Never forget to breathe while doing this exercise. You should focus on arches, making your entire body move in a swift movement.


Get Taller

This is also one of the common stretching exercises that enable you to grow taller. It can be performed by using a bar or by using a tree branch.

You need to hold onto the bar while hanging, and your body must be compliant in the stretch. Make sure you do not fall, if you lose your balance. When your body is in the right position, you must swing your legs away from the branch.

While doing this exercise, focus on your feet, and your body must be aligned in a vertical position. You must aim for the upper limit of your reach. You can also add weight to this exercise if you find it difficult to hold onto the bar.

  • Side bends

This exercise will help you lengthen your legs. It will also remedy the muscle shortage in the thigh and partly in the lower back.

It uses the space between your sides to lengthen. It uses gravity as the factor to pull up your legs and shorten them, thus retaining the length of your lower back. You must be careful to do this exercise properly, by bending to one side. It can be very damaging if done in the wrong way. If you find it difficult to hold onto the bar, put your feet upon it.

  • Leg Stretch

This is also a very effective stretching exercise, which will cause the length of your lower back to increase. It will also improve your flexibility. This exercise will not cause any injury. You can do this stretch while sitting or standing.

You must find a comfortable position for doing this exercise. You should bend one of your knees. Then move your other leg towards you, until it is in a right angle to your first leg. You must keep your knees straight and don’t allow your back to bend.

If you find it difficult to hold onto the bar, put your feet upon it. This will make you stretch to reach the top position of the exercise.

  • Dry land swim

This exercise is also effective in increasing height. You must lie down on the floor and extend your body in a swimming position. You must raise your arms in the air and must stretch your legs as you touch them with your hands. Your sides must move to the right and left, Dial your feet must touch the floor behind your head. Then you must swing your arms as you stretch. Make sure that your body remains in that position for a period of 5 seconds.

This exercise can also be combined with the previous one, to form a total exercise.

You must practice these exercises daily, at least 5 times a week. Not only will it enhance your height, but it is also great for stretching your chest muscles. It also improves your overall flexibility and stimulates your nervous system to keep up with your growing taller ways.

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