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Do you intend to buy a used Game Ready Ice Machine? Please read our guides before buying them.

Game Ready has been at the forefront of recovery technology innovation for over two decades. They’re here to provide you with the finest, quickest-growing, and most successful healing treatment options.

You want to return to action as soon as possible, whether you’re a post-surgery recuperation patient or an elite athlete with a sports injury. That isn’t enough for you.

It would be best if you treated symptoms actively. You want to speed up your healing in a proactive way.

Several Game-Ready ice machines on the market are chosen by thousands of physicians, physical therapists, and teams in every professional sport.

You can read the benefits of a Game Ready ice machine here: The 3 Benefits of Game Ready Vasopneumatic Compression Best for Athletes.

That’s why we need to buy this medical device. But what if we buy a used Game-Ready ice machine instead of a new one?

This is where the story takes a turn! Six essential factors to consider when buying a used game-ready ice machine.

You’ll be able to purchase a machine that is in good shape and ready to use if you follow the above recommendations.

How to Find a Used Game-Ready Ice Machine?

It’s wise to do your research before buying game-ready ice machines because they’re a scarce item.

Searching online auction sites and classified ads, as well as meeting with the owner in person, are two things you may do to determine which machine is best for your needs. Or you can also look for it in online stores like amazon.

You may also check with friends, family, and coworkers if they know of any game-ready ice machines for sale.

Make sure to scrutinize the machine and speak with the owner before you purchase it. Ultimately, purchase your new game-ready ice machine and enjoy it!

Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Game-Ready Ice Machine


The benefit of purchasing a secondhand Game-Ready ice machine is that it might have minor wear and tear, but it will still operate properly.

Additionally, since older models typically cost less than newer ones, this would be a fantastic option if you’re interested in one that isn’t available anymore.

The possibility that a purchased used Game-Ready ice machine might not match your demands or has been damaged in one of the Cons.

Furthermore, because these devices are often less expensive than new ones, you may pay more in total expenses.

As a result, the quality of the ice machine itself, as well as its condition and expectations for what it will or won’t do, are essential factors to consider when purchasing a used game-ready ice machine.

Here are 7 top Circulating Cold Water Therapy Kit. We have tried these kits, and we have confirmed that these are the very best on the market.

Our reviews would help guide you to show you just what you need to help you make the right purchase decision.

1. Circulating Cold Water Therapy Kit

Circulating Cold Water Therapy Kit Gen 2 by Arctic Ice Clear – Ice Machine

The Circulating Cold Water Therapy Kit Gen 2 by Arctic Ice Clear comes with Ice Machine with Universal Pad 3-Strap Wrap and 4 Cold Cubes.

This is an excellent choice if you’re starting to explore the world of game-ready ice machines.

2. Cold Therapy Machine Gen 2 Polar Vortex 

The Cold Therapy Machine Gen 2 Polar Vortex is another excellent option if you’re thinking of where to start to look for your needed options.

The Cold Therapy Machine Gen 2 Polar Vortex comes with several options that you may find quite helpful.

3. LEONNS Cold Therapy Machine w/Universal Flexible Pad

This LEONNS Cold Therapy Machine w/Universal Flexible Pad has excellent features that you can utilize to manage pain and help you feel better. The Leonns cold therapy goes a long way in helping reduce swelling, pain, and redness. This kit has features you may want in a complete cold therapy kit.

4. Cold Therapy Machine — Cryotherapy Freeze Kit

Feel free and sit in a comfortable chair to use the Cold Therapy Machine — Cryotherapy Freeze Kit. This is why a lot of people love this kit. If you’re experiencing pain, and do not feel like standing while applying treatment, then your other option is to sit comfortably.

5. OasisSpace Cold Therapy Machine

6. NEHOO Cold Therapy System

The NEHOO cold therapy system is a complete system that helps you manage pain and gives you the relief you need. This kit has different-sized attachments that come in handy when trying out different placement areas on your pain areas.

This is another cool feature that seem to get people to want to try it out. The product has garnered great reviews that have helped people choose what to buy.

7. Polar Active Ice 3.0 Cold Therapy Ice Machine

With over 5,000 excellent reviews online, the Polar Active Ice 3.0 Cold Therapy Ice Machine has lots of the great features you want in a standard ice pack therapy kit.

Check out some additional features that make customers want to stick to this brand. It’s easy to use and comes with customized placing materials—an excellent option for a great price.

Six essential points to consider when considering a used game-ready ice machine.

These include:

  • It’s straightforward to do. Precast and manufactured ice machines are the two primary game-ready ice machines. Precast machines are typically less costly with more excellent capabilities, while manufactured machines usually are more costly when offering additional capabilities.
  • The condition of the machine – Older machines are likely to have more wear and tear than new ones, so expect to pay a bit more for one in good shape. Working machines are often less expensive than nonworking models, so check to see if the machine is in working or nonworking condition.
  • Ensure the equipment has all the desired functionalities, such as a water fill and drain system, an ice hopper, and an automated shut-off mechanism.
  • Before you buy, you should know the size of the machine; smaller models may be less costly but may not be able to hold large volumes of ice fast. Larger machines generally cost more at purchase, but they may save you money in the long run.
  • Try again. Price – Do not pay too much for your machine simply because it is utilized; used machines typically cost less than new ones, but do not assume that the price reflects the quality. Before purchasing anything, read reviews and compare prices.
  • Warranties – If something goes wrong with your game-ready ice machine in the future, many manufacturers offer warranties, giving you peace of mind.


Buying a used game-ready ice machine can be a great way to save money for your health. However, make sure you are aware of the pros and cons of this purchase before making the decision.

Also, be sure to research the different types of game-ready ice machines available before making a purchase. Finally, don’t forget to ask questions when buying a used game-ready ice machine to ensure you get the best deal possible.

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