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Do you have questions about operating the Game Ready ice compression machine? You are at the ideal time and location. For the solution, continue reading!

So how precisely do you employ the rapid recuperation technique in Game Ready?

That’s what this piece is going to be about.

These 8 simple steps will show you how to operate a Game Ready ice compression machine.

Use a Game Ready Ice Compression Machine


Make sure you have the following Game Ready elements prepared and available before you begin:

  • The controller unit is where the ice and water needed to deliver the advantages of cold compression therapy are stored. Users can choose the preferred compression, temperature, and treatment time using the controller device.
  • Wrapping around the region to be treated circumferentially speeds up the rate of active compression and cooling. The shoulder wrap, knee wrap, and ankle wrap are a few examples of circumferential wraps that can be used to treat various body parts.
  • The connector hose: The connector hose carries the air and water needed to deliver cold compression therapy from the control unit to the wrap.
  • Power from the mains is simply sent to the control unit via the AC adaptor and power wire.

Here are 8 simple steps on how to operate a Game Ready ice compression machine.

Put ice and water in the control unit


Open the control unit’s reservoir tank and add water and ice to the specified levels before connecting it in or turning on the power.

Turn on the control device

Close the reservoir tank on the control unit, plug in the AC adaptor, and turn on the nearest main power.

Next, make sure the orange light on the control unit and the green light on the AC adaptor are both on. This shows that the device is getting enough power.

The connection hose in place

Connect the connector hose’s bigger end—which is indicated by a red button—to the control unit, then wait for a click.

Adjust the circumferential wrap to the area of the damage

Fit the wrap to the injured region, making sure it is snug, comfortable, and free of any hose kinks that can obstruct the flow of air or water.

Affix the wrap using the connector hose’s smaller end.
After that, attach the remaining connection hose end to the circumferential wrap while once more listening for a click.

Turn on the control device

Now switch on the control device by pressing the power button. When the device is prepared for usage, the display will turn on.

Choose a program type for cold compression


Select the sort of cold compression program you want to use by pressing the program button.

There are six distinct preset modes to select from, each having a range of compression, temperature, and time length options.

Alternatively, you can select manual mode, choose the time period with the plus and minus buttons, then click the pressure button to select a low, medium, or high-pressure setting, and then spin the temperature knob to choose the appropriate temperature.

Cutting the unit off and cleaning up

Simply push the power button on the control unit to switch it off after the active compression therapy is finished, then take off the circumferential wrap.

After that, detach all of the Game Ready Ice Machine’s parts and remove the water and any remaining ice from the control unit’s reservoir tank by going through the previous procedures backward.

The reservoir tank should next be cleaned to get rid of any final bits of water, and the interior of the circumferential wrap should be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe.

By doing this, you’ll get rid of any sweat or moisture that can eventually make the wrap smell.


In addition to accelerating workout recovery, Game Ready’s intermittent compression products also aid in reducing post-operative swelling, hastening the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries, boosting blood flow to body parts with a history of being slow to heal, and even enhancing lymphatic function.

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