Why choosing featherweight wheelchair? Wheelchairs can be heavy, bulky and difficult to maneuver.

Featherweight wheelchairs are a great alternative for those who need to go up and down stairs, or have limited upper body strength. Here we also have an article about can we have an used featherweight wheelchair that you must read about it

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Why Choosing Featherweight Wheelchair

So, why choosing featherweight wheelchair? Here are the reasons why you should choose this wheelchair

Frame made of ultra-lightweight materials

The name of this wheelchair suggests that it is the lightest alternative on the market. Aluminum is a popular choice for lightweight wheelchair frames since it is lighter than steel. Aluminum is used in the construction of this Featherweight Wheelchair, although the company that makes it claims to be using a “new material.” Because of the varying grades of aluminum, we can only presume that this is the case.

Even seniors with weakened hands can easily move the 13.5-pound frame. The despite the fact that it’s light, it’s quite sturdy and strong. It won’t shatter or become unsteady while supporting your weight.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the weight limit is 250 lbs. As a result, it is decidedly not a chair for persons in better health, even though it is found in the majority of regular manual wheelchairs.

Companion and hand brakes

No matter who you buy a wheelchair for, the most important consideration is always their safety.

Hand brakes are included on nearly every manual wheelchair, but companion brakes are not always included.

Fortunately, the manufacturer has taken this into consideration while designing the lightweight wheelchair. Using the companion brakes, caregivers could quickly and easily regulate the vehicle’s pace. When it comes to ascending or descending the slopes, this is critical. Simple-to-use brakes in the style of a bicycle.

Additionally, the hand brakes for wheelchair users are positioned on the hand side and are easily accessible. The two braking systems on this chair provide you peace of mind when you’re seated in it.

Optional quick-detach wheels

Some high-end wheelchairs come equipped with quick-release wheels, which you may have noticed if you’ve seen some in the past. If you’re willing to fork out a few extra dollars, this chair comes with two quick-release rear wheels.

What exactly is the point of this design, others may ask. Most people don’t consider it a necessity. For those who have a small car trunk or live in a compact place, this design is ideal.

Alternatively, you can remove the footrest and fold the chair. When you dismantle a chair this manner, you can arrange it wherever you like.

This design is ideal for people with weaker bodies because it reduces the maximum weight to 13.5 lbs (the frame’s weight), making it easier to lift.

Average Difficult For Using

The only thing we’d like to point out about mobility is that the 22-inch rear wheels and 6-inch front wheels make it unsuitable for outside use.

But if you don’t plan to ride on bumpy roads or carpeted areas on a regular basis, this would be an overwhelming problem for you. Featherweight wheelchairs are capable of traversing uneven terrain and negotiating tight curves.

Incredibly portable.

The portability of this lightweight wheelchair is one of its most appealing features. Your transfer will go more smoothly thanks to the chair’s fold-down backrest and lightweight structure.

It takes only a few seconds to raise and lower the chair. As a transport chair, carers won’t have to exert much effort.

You will reap the benefits of this function both during the day and at night. a short distance away. The two braking systems on this chair provide you peace of mind when you’re seated in it. Find out more about is it worth to have feather weight wheelchair by read that article on this blog too.

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