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Common Signs of Fatigue

You never got over that training plateau, whether it was a few years or a decade. Your friends and training partners did and you still feel as if you are performing below your very best. What gives? Fatigue! These are common signs that your training is not up to par.

Most of us spend a great majority of our day in the gym, but for many of us, even after a good night’s sleep, we do not feel up to par.

The training you are performing may be fine if you are a professional athlete, but for the majority of us, it just does not cut it. Why?

Our body just does not have the endurance for long continuous sessions. Even if you exercise regularly your body may not have what it needs to keep going for a long period of time. Does this sound familiar?

Do you find yourself tired?


Have you been feeling such a lack of motivation and of course, of course, of course, of course, that you have lost interest in training and your fitness goals? Do you find yourself telling yourself that you are too tired, just too tired to be able to train, just too tired to know what you want to do?

Well, I have told you some of the reasons I am tired. I am tired because I am boring. I am tired because I am lazy. I am tired because I am a sugarholic.

I am tiredbecause I am a chronic libido optimizationist.

I am tired because I eat processed foods. I am tired because I drink energy drinks. I am tired because I watch too much television. I am tired because I eat out mostly with friends that are mindful of their diet. I am tired because I go to parties and to functions.

My energy is at zero. I feel tired when I wake up. I am tired when I work. I am tired when I eat. I am tired when I exercise.

How is it that we are tired?

Now, let us talk about efficiency.


Maybe you are thinking, “Well, I will just not exercise.” cake and chips will make you agile and fast. Maybe you are thinking, “I will just not go to parties anymore.” cake and chips will make you agile and fast. You will not have to worry about going to parties.

You will not have to worry about going to functions.

You will not have to worry about scheduled events.

All of a sudden, you are going to be an observer of the big dance when; you will just show up and your alcohol will be a factor to keep you going.

You will exact a serious instrument, and cheese is going to look at you funny?

You will not care anymore about your children or your friends.

All of a sudden, you start to plan to take the kids to a resort together.

All of a sudden, you are not as interested in your wife?

How is it that we get sick?

Because we are not healthy? We are efficient at creating a network of energy that allows us to carry on our daily activities. However, this efficient energy is not a condition on our body.

It is others who create a condition in us, whereof we feel yawning, not wanting to move, and efficient at prolonging the duration of our efforts – until the moment it ends.

What is This?

This is making the most of what we already possess, that is, our body is trained to be as it is, now a second time with the addition of a quality here called quality.

According to American myth, efficiency is making the most out of whatever is yours, as part of the national wealth, to accumulate as much as you can, to have everything you wanted as fast as possible. According to myth, to make the most out of anything, you have to change it, which means you have to consume as much as possible of it, given the consumption history you have. This is something efficiency means.

My beef with this efficiency mindset is that it leads us to prioritize the task at hand, the basis of the work, rather than some other goal ( objectives ) that can wait till a future point. From my experience, most people get the most out of a quality lifestyle, by following the golden rule – there is no phase management. phases- management by someone else is impossible and such person or persons are different from us.

You don’t follow your fitness plan in a single pad, but rather, stick to a plan, as bi-daily as it can be, and also as consistent as you can. This is multi-Lock Lean pilates meets all the ‘marks of a quality life’ as touched byounding parallels. In other words, Quality of Life is the seminal event.

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