Looking for exercise for healthy body at home ideas? You come to the right place! Bodyweight workouts are great because you can do them almost anywhere.

Resistance band workouts are also very popular right now as people want to stay active during this time. You can get results with just bodyweight exercises, but resistance bands can be helpful too.

There are many different ways to exercise with bodyweight, such as squats, lunges, push ups, pull ups, planks, etc. Bodyweight workouts can help you burn calories and improve your cardiovascular health.

Exercise for Healthy Body at Home: A Lower-Body Workout With Cardio Burnout

There are a few exercises in here that we’re sure you haven’t tried before, such the runner’s-lunge-to-balance (excellent for speed and agility) and the corkscrew (a dynamic plank variation that will seriously test your core strength).

This workout, designed by Amy Eisinger, C.P.T., will put your endurance to the test throughout. Then, just when you think you’ve completed the workout, there’s a cardio burnout at the conclusion to give you one last push. By adjusting the amount of break you take between exercises in the circuit, you can make it easier or harder. Wondering why losing fat may not be such a good thing after all? We have the answer in this blog.

Aerobic exercise (also known as endurance activities, cardio or cardio-respiratory exercise) is physical exercise of low to high intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process

Cardio according to Wikipedia

Exercise for Healthy Body at Home: A 20-Minute HIIT Workout That’s Kinder on Your Joints

Many at-home HIIT workouts include a lot of plyometric moves (read: “a lot of leaping”), which is wonderful for some people but not the ideal choice for those who have joint issues.

Because it contains lower-impact techniques like side kick throughs and crab toe touches, this HIIT program, devised by Equinox group fitness instructor Colleen Conlon, is gentler on the joints than typical HIIT workouts. Some routines, like as skater hops, have a heavier impact, so if you’re not sure if this workout is right for you, consult your doctor or physical therapist beforehand.

Exercise for Healthy Body at Home: A Full-Body Cardio Challenge

Do you want a total-body aerobic workout that you can do at home? Then you’ll want to try out Eisinger’s workout. The circuit will cycle through five routines that will work your legs (squat pulse), core (tuck-up), and shoulders all at the same time (frogger). You’ll conclude with an AMRAP (as many reps as possible) finisher once you’ve completed the circuit for the desired amount of rounds.

Exercise for Healthy Body at Home: A Plank-Based Workout to Light Up Your Core

Yes, you can work your arms with just your bodyweight. And a great way to do that is through variations of the plank, where your shoulders and triceps really put in the work. Created by certified trainer Lita Lewis , this workout will start with skaters to get your blood pumping, and then take you to the floor for the next three plank-based moves: push-up, shoulder tap, and plank forearm reach.

The second circuit is heavy on the plank variations too, with the plank jack and forearm plank. You’ll be tasked with holding the plank for a good chunk of time with these moves (since they’re back-to-back-to-back), so if it’s too hard to maintain with good form, drop to your knees to make it a bit easier. In this blog we also have article about how to increase height naturally.

Exercise for Healthy Body at Home: A 4-Move 30-Minute Cardio Workout

The purpose of this full-body at-home aerobic workout devised by Eisinger is to do three actions as rapidly as possible: froggers, bird-dog crunches, and a three-point toe touch. If you want to get steamy, try this 30-minute workout that serves as a cardio program (no running required). It’s a terrific workout for individuals who are just getting started because you may adjust your rest-work times based on your fitness level.

Exercise for Healthy Body at Home: An Abs Workout That’s Done in 8 Minutes

Abs workouts are great because they’re simple to do at home and don’t require any special equipment. What’s the bad news? Abs workouts may be quite difficult, which is why we’re all for one that takes only eight minutes to complete.

You’ll spend 30 seconds on five different exercises, including dead bug, forearm plank rock, and plank up-down, in this at-home workout devised by Amy Marturana Winderl, C.P.T. You’ll take no rest between the motions until the circuit is complete. Your abs will undoubtedly be burning after three rounds.

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