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Excess Sweat

Every day you’re out in the shower or washing your hair, notice how the water seems to heat up around you. Does it happen all of the time and you just go about your business and do not give it any thought? Have you ever considered why hot water seems to make people sweat more? More than most of us realize, hot water has a purpose for us, it helps to regulate body temperature and maintain homeostasis.

Okay so now that we know why we sweat and what helps to regulate our body temperature, what causes the sweating. Without giving it too much thought, we tend to think it’s because we are out of water. Yes, water is involved, but more importantly, it is the combination of both heat and suction between what we drink and what we breathe.

Our organs are subjected to a stifling amount of heat. Specifically the organs of our skin. Our mouths and noses are perpetually hot and dry, indicative of the heat that is endured within them. When our skin is subjected to hot and dry air, moisture is taken away from it, and our risk of developing abrasions and irritation begins. Now that we understand what causes the sweating, how do we prevent it and treat it when it starts?

Excess Sweat

The most commonplace for us to suffer from this type of sweating is our hands. This is called Palmer Hyperhidrosis. This is the excess of sweat in your hands. In simpler terms, your hands will sweat anytime you wash them with soap or clean water. The soles of your feet are next in line for this type of problem with the water soles of your feet being abnormally dry and clammy. When the moisture from your hands to your feet is taken away, you will find your feet begin to sweat and the odor begins to reaction begin to develop.

The most commonplace for us to sweat is our armpits. Although, our feet can sweat, generally, the armpit sweats are not as much. This is generally because of the extra layer of fat under the skin that protects the armpit sweat from affecting our shirt and what it bodes against. Additionally, bacteria are not able to goad under the skin where they can cause odor, setting us up for a good breeding ground for unpleasant odors.

When the armpit sweat comes into contact with air, those armpit areas are not webbed shut and pinch shut. Bacteria basically thrive on fresh moisture. The best thing to do is have a shower take out all the dry hair and pinch the open pores, this will cause the armpit sweat to evaporate helping to reduce the amount that we sweat.

Some people try on extra virgin coconut oil, coconut oil is somewhat like a natural antiperspirant, it is also absorbed into the body helping to reduce sweating. The thing to keep in mind when using this type of treatment is to use it after a shower so that the oil is all absorbed into your skin. After you are finished, be sure to let the oil sit on your skin for a minimum of eight hours to help the toxins disappear. When our bodies have detoxed the body systems will be cleaner and healthier. Therefore, we reduce the speed of degeneration due to aging.

Stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, shyness, and awareness are also major contributors to armpit sweat. By merely paying attention and educating yourself on where you are sweating, you can find a remedy for armpit sweat.

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