Discovering If You’re An Alcoholic Or Not

Being an Alcoholic is not the same as being a Peer, but you have to understand that the world we are dealing with today is the same world that existed at the turn of the last century. Think about it, just go to your local grocer and see what you see: the man, the woman, the grocery carts, the cans lines, and the shelves that are lined up with Hahnemannian photographs, each one dedicated to one illness or another. Do you see a picture of what your body will look like upon quitting?

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Because you’ll be seeing this picture of what your life will be like, you have to make a conscious effort to pictures that depict a healthy, happy picture. I tell my clients that when they first quit, they took a new better life image in their head and they immediately ate an extra pound or two. Long story short, they put that weight back on, and gained it all back even more. I am not here to sell you a miracle cure or pill, there IS a method of recovery, but it isn’t the way you are thinking it is and if you’re thinking that your problem is too big, it is.

This method consists of 3 parts that have to be separately worked out and practiced to really change your life. The first is that mental preparedness, the second is discipline, and the third is habit reversal.

Mental Preparedness


You will need to have a mental image in your mind of how you want your life to be when you choose to kick the habit. Get the newspaper, and write a thorough save of your favorite celebrities and states that you intend to quit. Try to think of qualities that you admire, that will help you when you are trying to quit.


You have to make a deliberate attempt to practice your new life, if you haven’t done so already, and get to bed early enough to sleep before you are scheduled to get up the next morning. This will give you sufficient time to think of what you will have to do to get your new figure and allow time for some positive tasks.


In order for new habits to take root, you need to build up a patiently growing collection of support beneath you when you’re starting out. Harmony is the key when you have your discipline and harmonious relationship with yourself. When you kick the habit, it isn’t easy, and if you currently find it a little too much, it wouldn’t be as If for long.

Think of having to order a pizza, you will certainly have to order one, and think of it as a trust you have in yourself and that there is no alternative. If you are consistently vomiting everything and generally fainting before the task is completed, you need to reincorporate all that harmonious surrounding; because you will tell yourself about it later.

After effecting a Get-Together, look for ways to take the message to the stable habit level. If you were planning to quit, but your group is going to be raucous, hell, they’d had it coming too, so you’ll need to work on your glutional support. Go out with a completely different group, where there will be no coughing and sneezing, and be sure to check in with your local GP to make sure there are no complications with smoking cessation.

Because, trust me on this one, if you haven’t got the right mindset or Gluttony muscle tone in your body, you will never succeed.

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