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Bipolar disorder can affect people differently. Some will experience moments of both mania and depression and this can cause great concern for the individual’s friends and family. Individuals who suffer from this illness have to be careful of the ways they interact with others. Manic depression can cause extreme mood swings that are oftentimes impossible to explain to others. The illness can have a tremendous effect on the individual’s family life.

Bipolar disorder can cause intense fluctuations between extremes. A person can either be extremely happy or extremely sad. Everything appears to be ” snap peas” in bipolar disorder. Some people are able to cope fairly well with these extreme differences in their life and others suffer greatly.

The good news is that bipolar disorder can be successfully treated. Doctors and researchers have developed medications that are extremely effective. The focus of their treatment is to help the individual diminish the symptoms of mania and depression. They also help to improve the brain chemistry in order to better treat the symptoms. While this is a great relief, there is a downside. Nearly half of the people who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder will require medication during their life. This can cause problems with finances, relationships, and normal everyday life.

Another way to treat bipolar disorder is alternative therapies. A person in the middle of a manic episode may not be able to function in everyday life. He needs help with his emotions and packet. It is Valerian root that is very helpful in reducing the symptoms of mania. However, some of these therapies are not proven to be effective so further research is needed to make sure that these therapies are effective.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can have severe effects on a person’s sex life. When the individual is experiencing a manic episode, sex will not feel like a valid option. At the same time, sex should not be avoided because the individual may feel guilty and depressed. It is worth noting that sex and mood swings are not always the direct result of mental illness. Some of the individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder sex problems have no prior sex history. Their booms maybe just a result of a particularly spacy manic episode.

It is important to share your concerns about bipolar disorder with your doctor to see what he thinks. There are some improvements when antidepressants are added and followed with anti-depressants. Most individuals do not require medication though it is worth noting that sexema also showing improvement with the use of some stimulant medications.

More research is needed to make sure that individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder sex problems do not need to use sex as a way to self-medicate. More research is also needed to make sure that the sex chemistry of an individual is not the direct result of a manic episode. It may be worth noting that a good quality of life is improved and most individuals are capable of maintaining a sex life.

The Symptoms and Effects of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can cause depression and/or manic symptoms. antidepressants are often used during times of depression. They are classified as first and second-line drugs and are used after consultation with a physician. Drugs are prescribed to achieve the following:

· lowering of elevated mood

· improvement of stable mood

· causing fewer recurrences of depression

· lessening of bipolar symptoms

· improving both physical and emotional function

· removal of occupational and social problems

· reduction of risk of becoming depressed

· ipation and bladder dysfunction

· metabolic disturbances

· immune disturbances

· cardiovascular (heart) problems

· seizure

· impotence

There are other problems that can be met by some drugs. A doctor will look at the risk of drug use, but the following are factors to be considered along with your health condition.

· depressive symptoms or manic episodes

· mood episodes that include suicidal threats and self-mutilation

· Loss of sex drive

· problems sleeping

· change in appetite over time

· complain of brief episodes of lethargy

· dizzy (lightheaded) thoughts

· grainy vision

· uncharacteristic behavior

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