Dandelions are plant-herb having medicinal value. The plant is familiar to the European people and it was used for medicinal purposes by ancient Greeks and Romans as well as Early Modern Doctors. The word “dandelion” comprises two separate words “dander” and “dhellion”.It’s also known as “thallus occupation is inconvenient and toxic”. It’s used as a poultice, shampoo, and mixed into yogurt. Early Modern Doctors and the grandparents of current Doctors Commonly prescribe cortisone products to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. It’s also been observed that hemorrhoids are immunized with antibiotics by the aged. In a pinch of hemorrhoids, dandelion is an effective and wonderful medicine.

Dealing with hemorrhoids is not difficult with proper hygiene and ingredients that you already have at hand.

Precautionary steps to be taken while cleaning the anus and rectum:

All the contents of your body including your bowels must be well managed and sterilized. You must make sure that there’s proper disposal after every bowel movement. Avoid the risk of contaminating your food with unclean contents. Clean the anal area thoroughly after every bowel movement. Use Suppositories or toilet paper in your nether regions. This will help in encouraging the bowel wall to strengthen. The material that’s left in your bowel after the last bowel movement is dead bacteria and germs that’s why it’s important that they’re immediately removed. You can discuss with your doctor the protective measures needed in taking your bowel.

To have a healthy digestive system and prevent piles, you need to take your medication and you must also watch your food intake. You can ask your doctor to prescribe some medicines to make you quit smoking and drink more water. These medicines will also help in increasing your bowel movements so that the stool can eliminate easily from your body.

Drinking plenty of water will also give your bowel the moisture it needs to avoid constipation and hemorrhoids. You also need to up the fiber content in your diet so that your stool will be healthier and easier to pass. This will also make your bowel movement safer. Consume plenty of dietary fibers. These can be found in fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

The Necessary Supplements

Consumption of green leafy vegetables will fulfill your body’s required vitamins and minerals. It also helps in preventing wastes from developing into toxins. It keeps your digestive system clean and safe. Certain dietary supplements can also be helpful in preventing piles. But you must consult your doctor on this before consumption.

The practice of juicing fruits and vegetables is also helpful. You can make your own juice from fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. It can be used as a lotion for your body or used for cleaning the house. However, increase the quantity if you are required to reduce the waste in your body. You can also exercise for easy weight loss. This can be done by juicing fruits and vegetables, which are already full of vitamins and minerals. Exercise is needed to maintain your digestive system and make your bowel movement easy.

The required steps to follow to keep your digestive system healthy.

  1. Exercise Regularly: This can be completed by 2 to 3 sessions of 20 minutes each day. Keep occurrence of stools under control. Try not to strain too hard when passing stools. Try to swallow air in your mouth instead of letting it pass uncontrollably. This makes your hemorrhoids bleed more pain than the bleeding stool itself, which will help the passing process.

2. Avoid Spicy Foods: Avoid eating spicy foods like chili, moringa, and pepper. They contain pepper bells, which irritate the lining of the eyes.

3. Little Amounts of Yoga: One can engage in yoga exercises to balance yourself. Breathing and yoga exercises relieve constipation.

4. Sleep Position: Sleeping positions is proven to help people reduce the size of their hemorrhoids. However, one must engage in exercises that help in the elongation and extension of the incision, which in turn helps in the ventilation and the reduction of the pressure placed on organs like the liver and lungs.

5. Increase of Fiber in Diet: Always include fiber in your diet in the form of vegetables and fruits.

6. biomimetic rich diet: Maintain a healthy diet, which is rich in fruits and vegetables and involves the intake of dairy products like milk, eggs, and yogurt.

7. Adequate amount of L-Glutamine Solution: Take one gram of L-Glutamine per day. This is important to help prevent constipation and hemorrhoids by providing sufficient nutrition.

8. elevating exercises (if your hemorrhoids are mild): Try to perform 50 to 70% of sit-ups that target the obliques.

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