How much is the cost of a chair lift in the house? This is not an easy question to answer. The price is determined by the kind of stair lift you require, its safety features, and whether the installation is included.

Online or in-person purchases of chair lifts are also possible. They are also available in home improvement stores. Our article here shows the product’s price: The Best 3 Stair Escalator for a Home Cost.

Average Cost of Chair Lift in House

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Installing a stair lift can be a beneficial solution if you or a family member is having trouble using the stairs (you can read what to consider before installing a chair lift in our blog). The average stair lift cost is $6,000, although prices can range from $2,000 to $15,000.

The ability to move around their home independently may be desirable for elderly people who live alone.

For some people, a manual lift might be less expensive than a motorized one.

A stair lift might be the answer if you or a family member is having trouble climbing and descending stairs because of a sickness, an injury, or mobility problems.

A stair chair lift is a motorized chair that moves up and down a track to help someone unable to use the stairs in their home.

Costs for stair lifts range from $2,000 to $15,000, with the national average being $6,000, according to HomeAdvisor.

A curved or extended lift may cost between $9,000 and $15,000, whereas a conventional straight lift that is shorter than 15 feet may only cost between $2,000 and $6,000. This is because the shape and length of the lift can affect the price.

For many households, the advantages of having a stairlift outweigh the cost. For those who require one, having a stairlift ensures their independence and safety.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Chair Lift in House

Cost of Chair Lift in House

The price of a stairlift is influenced by numerous factors. The kind, form, length, installation and labor expenses, brand, power source, and style of lift and seat affect price variations from the national average.

Type, Dimensions, and Length of Stairs

There are various stair lifts to meet the multiple shapes of stairs, including straight, curved, platform, and outside.

Curved staircases cost the most to install a lift on, whereas straight staircases often cost the least. The lift will need a longer track and cost more overall if the staircase has landings.

Installation and Labor

For many stair lift types, installation fees can range from $1,000 to $5,000.

If the stairs are steeper than usual or if the lift is put on outdoor steps made of natural materials like stone or soil, the cost may be higher.

Sometimes more work must be done to install a stair lift, which might increase the installation cost.

For instance, the cost to install wiring can range from $600 to $2,200, the cost to build a new wall can be between $1,000 and $2,700, the cost to repair drywall can be between $300 and $800, and the cost to replace or upgrade an electrical panel can be between $600 and $1,800.

Since stair lifts must be installed by a professional from either the business you bought the lift from or someone from the manufacturer, labor charges are often included with the installation price.

Labor charges for installing a lift by a third party typically range from $75 to $100 per hour.

Stairlift Seat and Type

There are various seat options for stair chair lifts. The seat has an impact on the lift’s footprint on the stairway and the comfort of the journey. Here are several seating options and their typical costs.

Energy Source

Stairlifts can be electrically powered or run off batteries.

While electric-powered lifts require a battery backup in the event of a power outage, battery-operated lifts can operate in the event of a blackout. Because electric stairlifts require additional electrical wiring, they will cost more up front and more to operate as well.

While battery-operated stair lifts require routine battery health checks, electric stair lift maintenance is less frequent.


There are several alternatives available when choosing a chair lift for your home. The majority of manufacturers provide both straight and curved lifts, but it’s crucial to confirm that the company you choose makes a lift that will meet your needs.


We hope that this post has informed about the cost of chair lift in house for you. Now that you have more information, you can decide what kind of chair lift you require.

However, keep in mind that if you are unsure of your exact needs, you risk purchasing more than you actually require.

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