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The National Institute of Mental Health describes bipolar disorder this way:

Bipolar disorder can occur in both adults and children. Adolescents with bipolar disorder are also at an increased risk of developing psychoses or fulfilling suicide afterward. On the other hand, adults with bipolar disorder are at an increased risk of developing major depression as well as having a mood disorder, called depression.

Bipolar Disorder

Signs and symptoms include:

o switching between periods of intense feeling and depression

o long periods of sadness

o irritability

o self-destructive thoughts

o an inability to maintain relationships

o acting on impulse

o unstable, shifting moods

o giving suddenly and enthusiastically, or acting out without realizing the impact

o idealistic beliefs about the self

o identification with an “ideal” person

o an intense need to bedamaged, immobilized, or cut down

o an inability to think rationally

o expressing feelings of fear, urgency, fear, anger, or irritability

o attempting or instigation of self-injuring, including cutting, breaking or burning the self

o self mutilation

o wanting to be alone

o suicide

o attempting suicide

Self-injuring, cutting, or burning the self has been going on for years before symptoms manifest, and self-injuring can be done on purpose.

Signs of self-injuring make an individual’s life miserable and can result in the victim feeling miserable and even exhibit risk-taking behavior, making the situation complicated and difficult to handle. containing an individual with symptoms of depression, feeling anxious, having a history of self-injuring behavior, or a history of suicide attempts or homicidal threats.

The self-injuring behavior of individuals with bipolar disorder is scattered acts of self-mutilation. An individual afflicted with manic depression may cut out parts of the body, alter his or her body weight, disrupt sleep patterns, become agitated, and take numerous Prolonged Exhaustion Examinations. Similar actions are also seen in individuals with a severe form of mania.

Why does self-injuring happen?

It happens when an individual believes that they are dying or going to die so they resort to the act of cutting out parts of the body. Why would someone cut off their hands? Well, because they think they are going to die anyway. So they will do anything to stay alive. The reason why they cut parts of their body is that they experience nervous conditions wherein they do not know what will happen with these body parts. So they predetermined that they will cut it off.

Is there a method to stop self-injuring yourself?

Well yes. Following are some of the steps to try:

o built counter-programming routines to train the body to get aware of situations that may trigger self-injuring behavior.

o practice relaxing self-injuring events with specialized music.

o keep track of suppliers. When something (like an upcoming event) triggers a self-injuring event select music with a calming theme.

o built a new routine specifically for dealing with self-injurers.

o Take medication; however, do not utilize drugs that cause bipolar side-effects as they can worsen the symptoms of mania.

o when mania sets in visit a psychiatrist with additional training in mania.

o Another method can be performed – one that has been used successfully by some other jo/healers. It goes by the name “The hepcular therapy”. It involves the technique of offering or giving a bright orange color to the body during self-injuring events to help disrupt the process of the brain sending signals to the body that are needed to hold onto the self- Mercola says, keep it simple and not try to train yourself to cut your hands.

Healing yourself from self-injuring events is not always possible. But sometimes self-injuring events are scenarios that can be avoided.

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