Are chair lifts expensive?

Despite the higher costs, it’s important to remember that a custom stair lift pays for itself in just a few months compared to the cost of an assisted living facility. These stair lifts are also a much more sensible option than paying through the nose for moving to a one-story home or assisted living facility. Although the investment is higher than a straight stair lift, you still save the time, hassle, and expense associated with moving from your favorite home. Of course, buying a stair lift with more functions costs extra, but is often worth the price if the lift is used several times a day.

AmeriGlide publishes its prices online for everything from the cost of the stair lift to prices for installation in remote homes with concrete or tile floors. Talk to an Arrow Lift stair expert if you think a stair lift would help you or a loved one make full use of their home. Some stair lift dealers include the labor cost to install the elevator in the price, and a qualified dealer or manufacturer representative will install the stair lift for you. Stair lift costs can vary depending on a number of factors, and there is sure to be one that is within your budget.

Therefore, when determining the cost of a stair lift, you need to consider the special needs of the elderly person and the type of staircase that needs to be installed. Consider purchasing and installing a chair lift for yourself or the older adults in your care who would typically use a walking stick or walker to get around. Stair lifts can be installed outside on decks, docks, and patios, but require special features. Some retailers offer an annual lift maintenance program that charges an annual fee for regular lift service.