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Women Have Better Noses

Posted by on Tuesday, May 26, 2009, 16:07
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While the basic mechanism of smell is the same for all human beings, differences in olfactory acuity cross gender and cultural lines. Women seem to believe they can smell better than their male companions and they are usually right.

A man often thinks that if he can’t detect an odor, than the smell not exist the woman in his life must be imaging it. But man are often wrong when they insist that there is no smell of kerosene in the garage or gas in the kitchen, and they’d do well to listen to the women who are telling them otherwise.

Because nature doesn’t seem to do anything from pure whimsy, women’s superior olfactory acuity is probably another survival mechanism. A woman’s ability to detect odors is highest when she is ovulating, leading us to believe that she can detect the pheromones of potential mates and be more receptive to mating at the time.

And, since we known that female mammals must be able to identify their own young, it follows that women’s better olfactory acuity is an additional evolutionary carryover, designed to help us survive.

Many women also report increased appetite at the ovulatory phase of their cycles, and their increased olfactory ability during this time may help explain why this occurs.Women who are trying to lose weight may not appreciate that heir premenstrual increased appetite is part of “nature’s way”. but knowledge may help them understand that this is not due to their weakness.

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