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Why people watch television for many hours a day?

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Research among habitual TV watchers has yielded four basic motivations, a wish  to escape the boredom of their daily lives, a desire to have something they can talk about with other people, the pleasure of seeing people and events on the screen with which they can compare their own experiences and keeping in touch with the news and events of the world.

With the possible exception of the final one, each of these reasons for watching television is clearly related to loneliness and deprivation in the real life of the addicted viewer. When there is real beauty and adventure in your life, there is no need to dramatize it by comparing yourself with characters on sitcoms or routine, the prefabricated adventures of stock characters provide an alternative.

An eminent psychoanalyst has defined boredom as “desire for desire”. We are bored when we know we want something, but we don’t quite know what that something is. Rather than looking for an answer among the programs on television, we should learn to recognize out true needs and find ways to satisfy them in the things we do every day.

This does not require large sums of money or great intelligence or extraordinary talent. Everyone has the ability to create genuine pleasure i their lives, we did it as children, and though we may become estranged it from many years, the power to create joy always remains with us, waiting to be rediscovered and explored.

One of the interesting things of television is the way it make things smaller. Almost anything that appears on the screen in almost always reduced in size from what in is in the real world. In a sense, this is true of all addictive behaviors, they diminish our experience of the world. Addictions demand time, money, intellectual energy, and love that could and should find many other avenues of expression.

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