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Why Do Some People Get Sick, And Others Do Not?

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The mountain of Health explains why only some people get sick when everyone in a room gets exposed to a virus. Imagine two hundred people on board an airplane, and one passenger has a virus. During flight, the air is recirculated throughout the cabin.

When the passengers reach their destination, 25 percent of them are sick from virus. But the rest of the people are fine. That may be because each passenger was sitting at a different place on the Mountain of Health.

The people sitting on the brick had no reserve with which to fight the virus, so they were the ones who were most likely to become ill from the virus, falling into the Valley of Disease. It has been documented that stress can lower our immune system and leave us more susceptible to colds and flu. There is emotional stress and there is physical stress and there is physical stress.

When our bodies are constantly fighting off chronic physical problems, we are constantly under physical stress. Other people, not affected by chronic health problems, may be farther up the mountain and less susceptible to the virus.

While exposure to the virus may have caused them to slide down the mountain a little bit, their immune system had enough energy to reserve to fight off the virus successfully, and they were able to move back right back up to their prior position on the mountain. That is because their bodies immune systems were not overwhelmed and could work well to fend off the virus. Emotional stress can affect our immune system in the same way.

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