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What Is You Snore Level

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To obtain a more precise frame of reference, physicians have developed an objective classification system for the amount of snoring noise.

Mild snoring –  Occasional snoring, usually while the sleeper is lying on his back and is overtired or has drunk too much alcohol or eaten too much.

Moderate snoring –  Frequent snoring, occurring in all body positions.

Severe snoring –  Very loud snoring throughout the nigh in all body positions, heard from one or two rooms away.

Heroic snoring –  Extremely loud snoring, heard from three to four rooms away or throughout the entire house.

Snores graduating with such honors are sometimes known as Stentorian snores. Their title is deservedly in tribute to Senator,  a legendary Roman herald, possessing a voice which equalled the volume off fifty ordinary men.

Depending on the hearing acuity and tolerance of the snoreeze, one reasonably reliable method of assessing any snorers damage is to estimate the distance from which he or she can be heard. Hence, one room, two room, three room and even across the street snorers .

Enough to make a social pariah of any snorer, this appraisal has led to any number of colorfully descriptive terms, including :major league snoring” and “baritone saxophone snoring”. Judgment solely by volume, therefore, could ultimately result in the cruel yet candid, “one more fight of this and im filing for divorce snoring!”

Through far from exact, these descriptions do allow us to explore the causes of snoring by associating it with two distinct facts: First, snoring occurs anly during sleep, and the second, the sound of snoring are produced in the air passages of the nose and throat, which we refer to as the upper respiratory tract.


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