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What Is A Balanced Diet

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It makes sense to balance our food intake with the rate our bodies use it. This way, we maintain a steady weight. These days, however,this balance is difficult to achieve. It is very easy to overeat.

Refined foods, convenience foods and fast foods frequently lack fiber and conceal fat so that before we feel full, we have overdosed on calories. It is even easier not to exercise. It takes longer to walk somewhere than it does to drive (except perhaps in rush hour).

With intake exceeding output on a regular basis, the result for too many of us is gaining weight. We need to adapt our lifestyle to our high caloric diet and fewer physical demands. It’s become very important to catch bursts of physical activity wherever we can to increase our energy output.

It may mean using the stairs instead of the elevator, taking a 10 minute walk at lunch time, jogging on a treadmill while you watch the news, reading on the stationary bike, making more effort in the garden, walking to the store to get the Sunday paper, parking a half a mile from work, or taking the dog for a walk each night. Whatever it means, do it.

Even housework burns calories. All these seemingly small bursts of activity accumulate to increase our calorie output. You don’t have to take exercise seriously, just do it regularly. While you work on increasing your energy output, the glycemic index can help you select the best foods to balance your intake.

Its high carbohydrate basis ensures a filling diet which isn’t packed with calories. So, our first message is to reduce the amount of fat you eat. This applies to all sorts of fat: saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated. (Caution: A low fat diet is good for most of us, but it is not appropriate for children who rely on fat for growth.)

But the flip side of this message is to eat more carbohydrate because this can help reduce your fat intake.

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