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What Females Want

Posted by on Saturday, September 19, 2009, 15:48
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Women choice means more than a female showing her preferences for certain males. It means more than her selecting a male for his attractiveness, more than her being receptive for sex. For female choice to be meaningful in evolutionary terms, it must also be adaptive. Her decision must enable her to produce more offspring that are better adapted to survive than if she had mated randomly.

When it comes to reproduction, all males human are not equally valuable. Some have greater resources to provide for a female and her offspring. Some are more vigorous and in better health. Some are better protectors, and some have better parenting skills.

Female choice functions to screen males and select those of highest mate values. And females generally take their time making up their minds because reproductive success rests on the wisdom of their choice.

Courtship provides an opportunity for females both human and nonhuman to observe, compare, and test males. Because successful courtship is essential to male reproductive success, much male behaviour more than men might willingly admit is regulated by female preferences.

To some experts, males tend to be what female want them to be. This means that enormous responsibility and power reside in the preferences of females. Just how much power is a controversial issue.

Some scientist believe that female choice direct male behavior. Anything and everything that a male does in relationship to a female, and in relation to other males, too, may provide a cue to his potential as a mate. And females have evolved to be highly discriminating and observant of the most subtle details that indicate male health and status.

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