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What Do Your Child and Albert Einstein Have In Common?

Posted by on Saturday, September 26, 2009, 10:29
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The children who have learning differences are in good company. It is been said that Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Thomas Edison all had problems in school.

You can guess from their later successes, inventions, and theories that hey were probably each a right brained, creative learner. Imagine if you will where we would be today if these three individuals were labeled ADHD and given medication. You might be reading this article by candlelight!

It is time for us to appreciate our children with the gifts they have. I believe it is wrong to try to make them all fit into a “round hole” if they are “square pegs.” If a child has a learning difference, he may appear to have an attention deficit because he learns through a different sense.

People generally have difficulty paying attention when someone is communicating¬† to them in a way they cannot understand. Just imagine that you are in a foreign country in which you know only a little of the language. If everyone is speaking in a language you don’t know very well, you may be able to hear but you wouldn’t be able to understand it.

You might become uninterested in what is being said and what is going on.You would certainly become distracted. You might even get annoyed and frustrated ir even become agitated. And if you were a young child who has not learned to control his or her behavior, you might do something considered unacceptable. And so it is with the child with learning differences in school.

We owe our children more opportunities to learn. The more senses we use to teach out children, the more children we can reach. It is just like doctors with their black bags. If all we carry around is a prescription pad, than everyone will have to get a drug as their treatment. But the more tools we have available, the more tools we will use and more people we can help.

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