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Uterine Cervix Cancer Treatment

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Cancer of the uterine cervic, a very common form of female cancer, has been described as a venereal disease. The reason for this astonishing statement, which is, of course, untrue, is that it rarely occurs in nuns, that it occurs more frequently in the sexually promiscuous, and that its incidence increases as the age at first intercourse decreases .

It is also relatively rare in Jewish women and among other ethnic groups where male circumcision is traditionally practiced. This is the form of cancer that cervical cystology is designed throughout the world have shown this procedure with proper treatment when indicated to be a most effective prophylactic measure.

Such a technique is particularly valuable in cancer of the cervix, in which, because of lack of symptoms, quite advanced disease may be present without the most fastidious patient even being aware of it.

A pap smear can detect anything from premalignant change to frank cancer. AllĀ  suspicious smears merit a full gynecological examination and usually a cone biopsy of the cervix. If no true invasiveness is seen, no further treatment is required. If true invasiveness is present, or obvious cancer is found on examination, the choice or treatment lies between total hystectomy, and radiotherapy.

In patients with the disease in an early stage the results are equally good whatever method is chosen. Surgery is usually required in more advanced cases. Cancer of the cervix. like most other deep pelvic cancers, tends to grow comparatively slowly and to cause more havoc and distress by local infiltration than by the spread of distant metastases.

Thus in very advanced cases the bladder and rectum may become involved, with very distressing local symptoms even in the absence of any life threatening metastases elsewhere. In such a circumstance extensive surgery is required.

The prime object of such a major operative procedure is not so much to gain a cure, although this can still occur in a significant proportion of these patients, as to gain symptomatic relief from pain, total urinary and fecal incontinence, and the like. The widespread availability and utilization of the pap smear technique should soon abolish forever such tragic human situations.

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