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Ulcer Cures

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If you eliminate the bacteria, you have gonna a long way in curing ulcer disease, so it is worth a shot. Many patients take antibiotics to cure ulcers.

The prime suspect: Helicobacter pylori, bacteria that set up shop in your stomach and either create or take advantage of weaknesses in your stomach’s lining to produce those painful sores.

In most cases, shutting down the the pain created by this gut level bad guy is as easy as taking the right doctor recommended antibiotics.  But they have come up with several other methods for curing ulcer pain as well.

Cabbage is number one home remedy recommended. Roman doctors used cabbage to treat ulcers, as well as such diverse conditions as headache, colic and insomnia. Today research show that drinking a liter of fresh cabbage juice helps to cure ulcers. The key success in cabbage is called glutamine. Glutamine proved to be the more effective treatment against ulcers.

Avoid fried foors and spices
While spicy, fatty or acidic foods don’t cause ulcers, they have been found to make an already angry ulcer feel worse. You don’t have to stick to blank food, but stay away from foods that turn on the burn.

Avoid milk
Many people who have ulcers seem to suffer after drinking milk. Milk protein in the stomach stimulates acid. So drinking milk is not a good for ulcer treatment.

Ginger, proven, effective in preventing nausea and motion sickness, has a calming effect on the stomach. Doctors who favor natural healing therapies sometimes recommend deglycyrrhized licorice for people with ulcers to help protect the stomach’s lining.

Chamomile tea
In fact chamomile tea is taken throughout Europe to help aid digestion and fight infection. Tea made from German chamomile tea is available in many health food stores. Chamomile tea is a member of the daisy family and can trigger an allergic reaction in people sensitive to ragweed, aster or chrysanthemums.

Stress management
Keeping stress to a minimum could play a substantial role in avoiding ulcers say some doctors. There is some scientific evidence that people under a lot of stress will secrete more stomach acid.

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