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Burn Treatments

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Minor burns, those confined to a small area that simply leave behind painful, red skin and perhaps an occasional blister respond well to home remedies. Deeper burns, with extensive blistering and oozing or whitish, charred skin whether painful or not require prompt medical attention.

Cool Works
It makes sense to chase heat with cold so that why this is number one remedies for burns. Cool is a standart first aid recommendation, and it seems to be what most people do instinctively if they have the chance. The key here is the cool, not icy water. A s anyone who is ever plugged into a mountain stream will tell you, extreme cold can be as much of a painful shock to your body parts as heat.

Aloe Vera
Another preferred remedies is aloe vera gel, harvested from the spiky leaves of this fleshy succulent. Aleo vera is mostly grown indoors as an ornamental, and it seems to soothe so well that it’s also known as “the burn plant”. There are good reasons aloe vera gel is helpful for burns.

Evidence indicates that aloe contains a substance that reduces inflammation and swelling. The gel inhibits the actin of broadening, a pep side that produces pain in injuries like burns. It also inhibits the formation of thromboxane, a chemical detrimental to wound healing.

Vitamin E
After aloe vera, people are mostly likely to apply vitamin E to burns. There is a little in the way of scientific proof on the use of vitamin E for burns say doctors, but there is good reason to believe it coundbehelpful. Vitamin e is kowns for its role as an antioxidant and it helps to limit biochemical that involve oxygen. So it may help to neutralize some of the nasty biochemicals that produce an inflammatory reaction after the burn.

Over the Counter Ointments Helps
Many products marketed as burn ointments contain a topical anesthetic such as benzethonium cjloride to help fight infection. Some contain aloe vera. And a few have vitamins A and D or zinc oxide, all substances said to promote healthy skin.

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