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Treatment For Osteoporosis

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Prevention is the best treatment for osteoporosis and is concentrated in two areas: regular exercise and adequate calcium intake .

Treatment For Osteoporosis
The goals of osteoporosis treatment are to maintain the bone which remains and to prevent additional loss. If osteoporosis is severe, nothing will restore the affected bone to normalcy.

Osteoporosis Treatment consists of regular exercise, adequate calcium intake, and possibly estrogen therapy.

Treatment with estrogen is controversial because it increases the risk of developing endometrial cancer (cancer of the lining of the uterus) as well as gall bladder disease and heart disease.

Unlike treatment for postmenopausal symptoms, estrogen therapy for osteoporosis may continue for many years. This is an important consideration because the risk of endometrial cancer is both time and dose related.

This means that the risk is greater the higher dosage and the longer the treatment lasts.  Estrogen therapy may be given as a preventive measure to women thought to be at a particularly high risk to develop osteoporosis.

The search for a safer and more effective treatment than estrogen therapy is under way. Some researchers are studying combinations of drugs, such as calcium, estrogen, and sodium fluoride; other are studying the effects of some forms of vitamin D. However, all these treatments are still in the experimental stage.

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