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Treating The Points, Meridians And Organs

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The methods you will use to heal yourself or someone else are point and meridians release, Shu points, alarm points, foot reflexology, and direct organ release. I’ll give a brief introduction to each of the forms.

Points are found at very precise locations along the line of energy, or pathway, that is the meridian. Points are actually very specific sites that, when stimulated, generate QI flow along the meridian. The most powerful points for long term change are considered to be those on the extremities, meaning the points at the hands, feet, below the knees and below the elbows.

Whenever you release an organ, you should first massage these points and then move toward the body. Whenever you encounter an acupressure point, you will likely find it a depresion between tendons, muscles, or in the bone. As you stimulate it, you will likely discover one or another of the following conditions: empty or full, tight or loose, hot or cool, sensitive or painful.

As you become more familiars with the points, you will recognize immediately a kind of electrical feedback that will emanate from the point as soon as you put your fingers on it. If you are new to acupressure, you may not recognize this electrical feedback immediately.

Do not be concerned. With time, you will become increasingly sensitive and knowledgeable about the locations of points. With just a Little experience , you will have a palpable sensation of electrical energy th instant you put hand or fingertips on another person, even when the person is wearing heavy clothing.

Releasing a point or meridian
Releasing an acupressure point simply means to remove a blockage or tension that exists within the point or along the meridian.

Acute and chronic blockages
The blockage may be in a acute or in chronic phase. An acute phase arises when the body is addressing the blockage or injury and is attempting to heal the disorder. To release the point, apply moderate pressure with your finger or fingers usually one or both thumbs are used.

Measuring distances to find points
The unit of measures isa called a finger width. One finger width is about the width of the last segment of your index finger.

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