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Tips And Tricks For Getting Calcium Into Kids

Posted by on Tuesday, September 29, 2009, 17:08
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Here are a few things to try, you may like them too!

Try flavoring milk with a little bit of vanilla extract, or, if you can’t get away without the sugar, use a bit of flavored syrup. Even better, at the health store food, look for the herb stevia in a powdered form.

Yogurts marketed for kids, especially, are nothing more than desserts, with sprinkles and candies and all kinds of “mix-ins” That may be fun for a treat, but it isn’t particularly healthy if they are eating one every day.

Try to keep it simple. Some kids will eat plain yogurt spruced up with a drop or two of food coloring, or some fruit avoiding the huge doses of sugar that comes with the packaged kinds. Or let them mix their own with jelly or jam they will still get less sugar than what is in the prepared containers.

Have grand Parmesan cheese as a regular condiment on your table. It is relatively low in fat for cheese and adds a nice bit of flavor to a lot more than a plate of spaghetti. It is a much better choice than butter on steamed vegetables, for example, or o baked potato or rice. And you Will be sprinkling on a bit of calcium each time you use it.

Let your children cook with you. If they are ever going to eat kale, the odds are greater they will try it if they worked to make it.

Even kids who don’t like vegetables might eat “cream of…” soups. Make them yourself with low fat dairy products paired with high calcium vegetable. You can’t do much better nutritionally than homemade cream of broccoli soup.

Pack shelf stable milk in a box instead of juice boxes for lunch. Half the fun is in poking the little straw through the hole anyway, so what is inside may matter less than you thing even to a finicky child.

Explore the limits of macaroni and cheese. I have yet to meet a kid who didn’t like the dish, and he or she might be willing to expand beyond the bright yellow boxed variety. Try mixing part skim ricotta and grated Parmesan with a little of the pasta cooking water to make a sauce, and toss with the drained noodles. Or make your own baked mac and cheese old fashioned comfort food that is also rich in calcium.

Pizza! With vegetable toppings, this reliable favorite is a reasonable choice because of the calcium in the mozzarella. Try making your own, and you can go the Pizza Pizza one better one better by suing nonfat or low fat cheese.

Bean burritos assemble your own are as healthy as they are popular, since both beans and cheese and re fried beans to keep the calorie and fat counts down. Try a calcium triple play by including steamed greens in your tortilla.

Use less water when reconstituting powdered milk, or stir some of the powder into regular nonfat milk.

Experiment with different combinations of milk, calcium fortified soy milk, yogurt, ice and fruit to perfect the smoothie.

Try freezing regular flavored yogurt to serve instead of commercial frozen yogurt. As i have sad, packaged yogurt is often more like a desert anyway, but it is still more nutritious than what they do sell as dessert. It it is to hard for your taste once frozen, try freezing it in an ice cube tray, then crushing the cubes in a blender or food processor to get a consistency more like that of soft ice cream.

Above all, eat right yourself. Try new things. Your kids are watching.

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