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Three Steps to Break the Smoking Habit

Posted by on Thursday, June 18, 2009, 18:55
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1. If you’re like most smokers, you probably light your cigarettes, use them, and discard them without real awareness of what you’re doing. Over the years, these behaviors have become deeply ingrained reflexes what occur almost automatically.

So the first step toward quitting smoking is to become mindful of the fact that you are smoking.Before you light a cigarette, make a conscious effort to slow down the process. Look at the cigarette in your hand, and as you do so, listen to the internal signals of your body. Is this cigarette only a way of covering up something else that you’re thinking or feeling?

Even if you decide that you really do want to smoke the cigarette, listening to your body will slow down the process and shut off your “automatic pilot.” Though it may seem strange, when you’re first learning the technique it can be useful to watch yourself in a mirror as you prepare to smoke. This will help you become a conscious observer of yourself during the critical moments when you’re about to light up.

Always remember than an important step in dealing with Any addiction is to eliminate urgent behavior and replace it with full awareness. Just by becoming mindful of what you’re doing, you can often make rapid progress in breaking the habit of smoking.

2. As with drinking and other addictive behaviors, the impulse to smoke is often triggered by a wide range of cues and signals. Many people unconsciously light a cigarette when talking on the phone or while drinking a cup of coffee. Try to make smoking an isolated, independent activity. This will facilitate the mindfulness discussed in step 1. Even if you continue to smoke for a period of time, you will at least be aware of what you’re doing. You will also become aware of the unpleasant sensations associated with the activity.

3. Once you have developed a degree of mindfulness about your habit, begin to introduce some new thoughts into the process of smoking a cigarette. Allow the memory to overshadow your desire to smoke. What aspirations does is awaken in your mind? What feeling does it create in your body? Let yourself experience these things with mindful awareness until the desire for a cigarette has passed.

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