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There Are No Night People

Posted by on Monday, October 19, 2009, 16:02
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An early bedtime is one of the most important points for bringing your system back into balance with nature, as it gives your body the ideal opportunity for deep rest and normal sleep. Once you are in bed, adopt the non minding attitude. Above all, don’t worry so much about falling asleep that the worrying itself keeps you awake.

If you are spending more time every night worrying about sleep than actually doing it. But im confident that for most people, an early bedtime and a non minding attitude is the best approach. Of course, the very thought of this will make many people uncomfortable.

Some may even react with a feeling of hopelessness or despair, as if you were asking the impossible. Other may say, perhaps even with some indignation, “I’m a night person, and I’ve always been one. I have more energy at night, and I have no desire at all to go to bed early.”

Of course, this is a misperception, that there id really no such thing as a night person. There is only a person who may be out of synch with his or her natural biological rhythms, If you have insomnia, this is certainly one of the reasons for it. Over the years, may habits may have buit up that help to reinforce not going to bed early. These may include late night reading, radio talk shows, television and Internet.

But the truth is that you are paying a significant price for this nighttime activity, not only in the short term but also because of the diseases and imbalances that can arise as a result of deviating from your natural biological rhythms. After all, nature dictates that up to one third or more of our lifetime is invested in sleep. We must demand the maximum return on that investment.

If you have become used to staying up past midnight, it is perfectly reasonable for you to feel wide eyed and full energy and enthusiasm at that time. This is because long established habits of staying up late have influenced your biological mechanism in such a way that you do in fact experience peak energy and concentration at that time, even if it is achieved at the cost of “sleepwalking” through the day.

But if you will go along with my suggestion of early bedtime for a little while, you will realize that once you manage this change, your rhythms will fall into synchrony with universal rhythms, and any temporary disorientation you experiences will have been well worth the price.

You don’t have to make this transition overnight, so to speak, and it would be unwise to try, because you have been keeping late hours for a long time. But once your internal clock has been reset, I guarantee you will feel and amazing surge of energy in your daily experience such buoyancy, such enthusiasm, such liveliness, such wakefulness, such creativity. You will enjoy so much more in life be being fully awake.

The French philosopher Montaigne wrote. ” When I dance I dance. When I eat I eat.” It sounds so simple, but are you really there when you are there, whether it is a place or a moment in time? So much in the contemporary world undermines our ability to be truly in the present, which is a crucial element of enjoying life.

Insomnia, which so often is filled with regrets about the last and worries about the future, is in a sense the exact opposite of living life with a present moment focus. Despite the “high” you may experience from living like a night owl, it is no exaggeration to say that insomnia is something you must overcome before you can get the most out of every moment.

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