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The Role of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Cancer

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The correct treatment of cancer is a matter for almost endless debate, simply because no one knows how to treat cancer currently. We deplore increasingly common creature ” The Triumphalistic Oncologist”, so eloquently caricaturized in the editorial with this title in the journal Surgery, Gynecology, and Obstetrics, his attitude of mind seems to be that in repudiate any advance that has gone before.

Such as self serving approach is clearly ludicrous it deliberately ignores the established fact that conventional treatments of cancer, based on either scientific fact or imperial discoveries, can cure at least one third of all cancer patients, essentially controlling their disease to such an extend as to given then normal life expectancy.

The real objective is to see whether this successful fraction can be even marginally increased by the correct use of all therapeutic resources. Every day, 1100 citizens of the US die of cancer. If it were possible to decrease this number by even one tenth, this would mean the saving of 110 lives a day, 770 a week, 3300 a moth, and 40,000 in the course of the year.

We firmly believe that supplemental ascorbate used correctly alongside conventional methods of treating cancer has very much greater potential than that. It seems abundantly clear that ascorbic acid is directly involved in many of the natural mechanism that protect an individual against cancer.

Cancer itself, as we have seen, depletes the body’s stores of ascorbate and is almost always associated with some measurable impairment of its immune mechanism. Therefore, as a matter or principle, no matter what form of established cancer treatment is employed, active steps should be taken to ensure that he patients ascorbate reserves are constantly kept high in order to allow this protective immune system to function always at maximum efficiency.

The value of surgery in the treatment of cancer id beyond dispute. If the tumor is still localized to an organ or tissue that can be safely excised without undue risk to the patient, such a step is undoubtedly the treatment of choice. “Cut it out and throw it away” may seem to be a most primitive and unsophisticated approach, but it is still far and away the most effective treatment we have.

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