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The Importance Of Water

Posted by on Friday, May 1, 2009, 19:33
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The Importance Of Water

Water is one of theĀ  most important parts of your body nutritions. The minerals in natural waters have always played an important role in human nutrition.

In fact, after millions of years of drinking naturally mineralized water from springs, rivers, lakes, and wells, our body has become dependent on mineral supplies from the water we drink.

Unfortunately, many have been confused on this issue by some misinformed writers, who claim that the inorganic minerals in natural waters are harmful and cannot be utilized by our bodies. Because of such unsubstantiated notions, some people now drink nothing but distilled water,

Which is totally mineral free. Reliable world wide research on water and it is a massive research-shows that the above notion is completely false.
The truth is that:

– Minerals in natural waters are well digested and assimilated by the body. Although they are inorganic, they are chelated by the body in the intestinal tract and, thus, changed into organic form.
-The studies show that wherever people drink naturally hard (heavy mineralized) water, they have less heart disease, less diabetes, less hardening of the arteries, less osteoporosis, and less tooth decay,

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