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The Dance Of Opposites

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To create healing, we must understand and work with the laws of the body. One of the most fundamental and practical laws of the body.One of the most fundamental and practical laws is that all movement is made possible through the reaction of opposites.

Artists known this fact very well. Whenever an artist draws a person, say, reaching for a book that rests on a shelf above the person’s head, the artist notes that relationship between the hips and the shoulders.

When the right shoulder, arm, and hip are raised to reach the book, the left shoulder and hop point downward. Look at holistically , the body appears to be a series of perfectly balanced opposites the right side performing one set of actions, while the left balances the body by doing the exact opposite.

All physical movement is made possible through the balancing of opposites. Just walk down the street and notice all the opposites that are harmonized as you move: A single step usually consist of the right leg and left arm moving toward together, while the left leg and right arm stay back. Reciprocal motions make the next step possible. Your heartbeat is a perfectly coordinated couplet of opposites systole and diastole. So, too, is your breath.

Opposites are the body’s tools, you might say. In health, the body balances opposites to create both motion and harmony. In sickness, it uses opposites to compensate for injuries and weaknesses, both physical and mental to keep you going. Looked at for the larger picture, opposites will tell a story about the body.

This is why the body, when injured, will attempt to deal with that injury by creating a compensatory imbalance for that injury. Take the spine, for example. Sometimes you will see the lower part of spine the lumbar vertebrae and the sacrum turn slightly to the left.

Often, the upper part of the spine will attempt to compensate fro this curve by turning to the right, creating an S shape. This compensation, of course, will effect how the neck supports the head and whether the pelvis and hips sit correctly in their joints.

Also, the S sahped curve will cause the spiral vertebrae, disks,and nerves to be squeezed. The result is back and shoulder pain and headaches, problems that effect millions today. As any inginner, physucist, or chemist will tell you, opposites make energy possible. When we work with opposites, we are working with energy.

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