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The Benefits of Garlic

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First and foremost, garlic is  remedy against heart disease and heart attacks. The ancient knowledge of Indian and Eastern medicine states that garlic removes fats from the blood and protect the heart. Traditional herb books and professionals herbalists and naturopaths always recommend garlic to those which circulatory problems who are at risk for heart attacks.

They say that it opens the blood vessels and thins the blood, and a considerable body of modern, scientific research has confirmed the traditional picture. An excess of fat and cholesterol is one of the major causes of the buildup of arterial blockages, and so of heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes.  Garlic lowers the levels of fat and cholesterol in the blood, and it does this as well as, or better than, the modern drugs now used for this purpose.

In addition, studies at some major research centres in the USA have confirmed that garlic does indeed thin the blood by reducing its tendency to clot inside the blood vessels. It does this at quite low doses less than a clove a day can make a difference that is clearly measurable in the laboratory. Since clots can suddenly block blood vessels, they are one of the main immediate causes of heart attacks, angina, and stokes; garlic may be able to directly reduce the risks of these health catastrophes.

In addition, garlic is what is known as a ‘heating’ remedy, according to tradition. We can confirm this ourselves, for we all know how pungent and burning fresh garlic is. But what we may not know is the effect of this warning process on our bodies; it makes us sweat and release poisons from the body, and also reduces blood pressure, both additional advantages in the fight against heart problems.

Thus, garlic offers multiple protection to an axtent that no single moderns drug is able to provide. It is weaker than many moderns heart drugs, although not all. For example garlic lowers cholesterol to the same extent as fibrate drugs such as bezafibrate, but less than the more powerful cholesterol lowering agents such as simvastatin,

Yet when it is part of a self care regimen for protecting the heart , it can make a real and vital contribution to the prevention of heart diseases.And above all, it is safe. It is a food that millions of people include in their daily diets without any ill effects, and there is no evidence in the scientific literature of many adverse effects from taking garlic as a medicine in normal doses.

The other central use of garlic is in the prevention and treatment of infections. Garlic has been found effective at killing a number of harmful bacteria and fungi. Extensive laboratory tests have shown that, though it is milder and less potent than modern antibiotics, it has a broader range  of action than any of them and is, of course, safer. So, garlic can play an important role in the self treatment of chronic  and less immediately severe health problems.

These include infections of the mouth, throat, and chest; infections of stomach, such as “holiday tummy” and gastroenteritis, infections of skins and infections of the urogenital area. It may be particularly effective against Candida, a growing modern problem. For best results, though, garlic should be combined with other methods of self care.

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