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The Answer Is Water

Posted by on Monday, October 5, 2009, 15:46
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What is the second most important life giving substance after air? What is the main ingredient in your body, accounting for around 70 percent of your make-up? What is a universal solvent which keeps all the necessary molecules in your body in solutions?

What is a key ingredient in all enzyme reactions which run every aspect of your body’s mechanism, from keeping your heart beating, to allowing your kidneys to filter and your lungs to exchange gases?  The answer is water.

It is easy to take water for granted, after all, it is available at the turn of a tap, yet we need it for every function of your bodies. And one of the most important of these functions is the successful manufacture of digestive enzymes.

Without regular replenishment we quickly become dehydrated and out health suffers. And yet on of the most common misconceptions is that we are bloated, especially we are retaining water in our body tissues, we do not need more water, because we have enough already. Nothing could be further from the truth. We need MORE. Nothing flushes out water faster than ….. water.

One way of looking at it is to think of water retention as stagnant water in a reservoir which needs to be flushed out and replaced with healthy supplies. The stand art way of getting rid of excess water retention is to use diuretics.

These only relieve the symptoms and do not address the cause of the problem. It is like draining the reservoir, but not looking at a filtration system which, because it is faulty, allows the water to stagnate in the first place. The answer is to drink water. It has also been observed in studies that mild dehydration increases the production of hydrogen gas and worsen flatulence.

Ideally , we need to drink two litres of water daily. It is normal for people to drink significant amounts of liquids, but frequently these tend to be dehydrating. And even worse, these dehydrating drinks also contribute chemical toxins which the body needs to be rid of. Coffee, cola, and tea are the worst culprits in this regard. You can guarantee that, in Neanderthal times, cave men and cave woman did not put on the coffee pot when they were thirsty they drank water.

We have evolved to drink water anything else is a compromise. No other species on earth drinks anything else than water. Of course there are other drinks which are not detrimental and, in fact do quite a lot of good, such as juices and herbal infusions, but we are meant to get a minimum amount of water daily, otherwise our health can suffer, leading to lethargy, stiff joints, aching muscles, headaches or disturbed digestion.

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