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Testicular Cancer Treatment

Posted by on Tuesday, September 1, 2009, 18:29
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There are many different testicular tumor types, seminomas and teratomas. On the whole, testicular cancers tend to be highly aggressive and to occur predominantly in relatively young men.

The precise cause is unknown, but these cancers are far commoner in the strophic testicle than in the normal testicle.

Thus this form of cancer is farĀ  commoner in undescended testicles and in men with azoospermia and other sub fertility problems than in others.

The early symptoms are simply a steady heavy enlargement of the affected testicle. At the new cytotoxic drug cis platinum has been reported to induce dramatic and complete redress ion in a number of such patients, although it is too early yet to say whether these responses will result in permanent cures.

Nevertheless this is an encouraging development, not only for the management of testicular cancer of yourn men, but as knowledge and experience increase, perhaps for other cancers as well.

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